Be-Leaf pattern out now…

Finally, a new pattern released! I promised this one for a long time - but patterns like these take a lot of time to write down and ensure it all works. But hey! It is here! Be-leaf is a mandala pattern full of leavy parts and many nature-inspired influences. Like Euphoria, this is one of... Lees verder →

Nirvana crochet pattern out now !…

It is time to release my last pattern for now. And it even is a bit sooner then expected. Sometimes private matters take you up to make decisions which suits you best. I was planning on releasing this pattern on my birthday which is May 14th, however as a new home is approaching fast it... Lees verder →

Simy’s Year of Mandalas : August

Finally i can tell you a little secret ! I was asked by Simy Somer from Simy's Studio to create her August Mandala : Lotus Blooms. Of course a theme that suits me very well as i love Lotus flowers and even created a pattern  last year called the Lotus & Blossom mandala.  But that is... Lees verder →

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