Be-Leaf pattern out now…

Finally, a new pattern released! I promised this one for a long time – but patterns like these take a lot of time to write down and ensure it all works. But hey! It is here! Be-leaf is a mandala pattern full of leavy parts and many nature-inspired influences. Like Euphoria, this is one of those challenging patterns as the design evolves in every Round. The final result, however, is breathtaking. You will find whole leaves, starting leaves, and even leaves with blossoming flowers. The title is a nice gesture, but there is a second message in this title. Believe in yourself, believe that you can create something like this, and believe that the world is getting brighter by making this!

Some general information about the pattern:

  • 1 Scheepjes Whirl is needed – the example is made in colorway 761 Pistachio oh so nice.
  • crochet hook size of 2.5mm is used.

Size: The diameter of the Whirl version will become 100 cm.
A ring is optional; if you like to use one, take the above diameter for a ring. However, it is better to crochet the project first and then decide on the ring size.

  • the pattern holds written instructions guided by photos. No chart or video is available. Please take note that reading carefully is important with this pattern as there is a lot of pattern text.
  • available in English (US) and Dutch. After purchase, you can download a PDF file in all languages available. You can choose between the print-friendly version which has almost no photos in it – or the regular version.

And where to get the pattern? As usual, you can find it in my Ravelry store or my Etsy shop. Click on the links here to visit it:

Be-Leaf on Ravelry

Be-Leaf on Etsy

Enjoy the pattern and get ready for more exciting news!!!!


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