Dia de los Muertos CAL – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of this CAL ! Your halfway through at this point and there are just two Parts left to finish your project. In this weeks Part we will attach the skulls to the pattern and we are starting with it right away at the first Round of the third Part. It may be a more technical part this week to get to the point where we can again use color and decorations. Again, here are a few notes you need to read before you start at Part 3 – especially when you have decided to create a version without skulls. I will give some directions under here what to do with that situation.

  • Please keep the Information Guide besides the pattern parts as they hold the abbreviations list for colors and stitches in the pattern parts. If you didn’t find them, you can download it here.
  • As stated due personal reasons I can’t give any of you help where needed. I know I told in the introduction guide this would be the way, but personal life has changed a bit. You can read all about it on the post about that subject. For this reason there are some different Facebook groups started by own initiative which I adore and am happy for. If you get stuck or need help try to reach out there. Our community is a helpfull one so the more experienced under us will help the less experienced, I’m sure of that. The Facebook group which will be runned by Marie from DotsYarnDen is the one I will keep an eye out on the background as this one is officially discussed with me and she has been such a great help these last weeks providing kits for our American side of the world. Here you can find that group.
  • When you decided to not make any skulls as the test version of my dear team member Tineke Tap ( see the example on the introduction page ), you have to do a few things different. First, the stitches in Round 21 you are suppose to crochet in the skull and Round 20 – you will crochet them only in Round 20. This is pretty obvious and might not give any trouble. Up til Round 28 you can just follow the pattern as there is no difference in skulls or no skulls. On Round 29 this is the same – there are 15 sts made in the skull but in this case you would just crochet them in the Round. In Round 30 things will go a bit different. The 15HDC you would make on the head of the skull will become 15 FPDC. This means you would make 1 Front post double crochet around the next 15 sts of Round 29 at the place where each skull would be. In this case you prepare your work to move along to the flower section once again without any skulls. Here is a photo which shows you how those fpdc’s might look when made.

If you made the above change when you don’t have skulls this is all you need to do and you can finish the pattern next week. Of course, everyone with skulls can just skip above details and download Part 3 :

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