Journey : A book from the Guy with the Hook…

Yes! My first book is finally here! And although it has been promoted and highlighted many times, I am sure many of you want to know what crochet projects are in the book…besides my personal travel stories which introduce them. So, for all of you who are interested, here are the twelve projects out of the book. Including some basic information. More detailed information about yarn, hooksizes and sizes of the projects can be found on the Ravelry book page.

If you like to order a copy of the book, almost any Scheepjes dealer over the world is selling it, and you can also buy it at my Etsy shop – although the English version of the book will be back in October 2022 after a re-print.

From October, 11, 2022 the English version of Journey is back. The only difference is the title of the book: Crochet Journey. We did this on purpose to show off this book is re-published at a new publisher: David and Charles, and it makes the difference between the Dutch and English version more clear. So, from now on the English version of my first book is called: Crochet Journey. The inside and projects of the book are the exact same as from the original Journey. Everything you can see under here is in this book as well.

The Rivendell Shawl is a A-symmetrical shawl with lovely leaf motifs in it. This shawl is made with one Scheepjes Whirl. The idea for this shawl came all the way from New-Zealand.

The Santa Maria Maggiore Rug is based on a church window in Rome. Build up out of hexagon motifs and made with Scheepjes Stonewashed and Riverwashed. A colourpack out of these kinds of yarn is a must for this pattern.

The Kamakura Pin Cushion is a small and very decorative piece of art on your desk. Made with Scheepjes Maxi Sweet and the mosaic crochet technique, this Japanese inspired crochet pattern is a must-make.

The Nazar Mandala is based on the famous blue eye charm out of Turkey. The more distance you take from this mandala, the better becomes the view on the eye. Made with Scheepjes Cahlista.

The Fading Light Scarf is real stunner. The Northern Light is captured in this scarf as it is based on my travel stories out of Greenland. Made with Scheepjes Merino Soft.

The Rituals Pouf is as colorful as a trip to India. And that was also the inspiration on a touching and wonderful travel story. Made with Scheepjes Cahlista.

The Portuguese Tiles will be the fifth tile pattern from my hand. As all other tile patterns this means once again…mosaic crochet! The square can be used to make this lovely pillow, but making a blanket out of it might also be a good option.

One of my most favourite projects out of the book might be this Irish Shores Blanket. The title explaines most of it where inspiration is taken from. Made with Scheepjes Skies Heavy.

One of the patterns I revealed before the book was published is Ketut’s Mandala. A real eye-catcher with a lovely story besides it. Made with Scheepjes Cotton 8.

And yes…the cover project. An explosion of colors and texture combined. The Rainbow Subway Blanket is really so much fun to make and the idea behind is, is even more fun. Made with Scheepjes Cahlista and the Cahlista Colourpack.

The La Boca shawl is a lovely triangle shawl based on the city Buenos Aires. Imagine a Tango dancer with this marvelous, lacy look shawl and the idea is complete. Made with one Scheepjes Whirligig.

The Templars Cross Tablerunner is perfect as decoration on your dining table. It holds the mark of the Templars Cross which can be found in Malbork Castle in Poland. This runner is made out of a combination from Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art and Merino Soft.

So far, all twelve projects ! This only shows the patterns in the book, but the design, layout and stories in the book will make the circle complete.

The book is in re-print as we speak and will launch again in the Fall of 2022. The first copies of Journey had some errata’s in both languages, you can check them here.

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