Dia de los Muertos CAL – Part 1

The wait is over and it is time to start crocheting the Dia de los Muertos CAL right now ! We start with Part 1 in which you will crochet the central Flowers part. A fun part full of color and different stitches. Some notes in advance before you start :

  • Remember to keep the introduction guide besides the pattern. In the introduction guide you will find the abbreviations for color use, as well stitches written in the pattern. You can find the introduction guide here.
  • In this first part we are not gonna use the skulls yet so no directions needed if you didn’t want to use any. You can just crochet forward on this Part.
  • As stated due personal reasons I can’t give any of you help where needed. I know I told in the introduction guide this would be the way, but personal life has changed a bit. You can read all about it on the post about that subject. For this reason there are some different Facebook groups started by own initiative which I adore and am happy for. If you get stuck or need help try to reach out there. Our community is a helpfull one so the more experienced under us will help the less experienced, I’m sure of that. The Facebook group which will be runned by Marie from DotsYarnDen is the one I will keep an eye out on the background as this one is officially discussed with me and she has been such a great help these last weeks providing kits for our American side of the world. Here you can find that group.

So far the announcements. Here is Part 1 in all languages available for now.

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