Crocheting with beads tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to work with beads in crochet projects like the Messier pattern I wrote.

Crocheting with beads isn’t the hardest thing to do. You only need to know how to make a simple adjustment to your stitches. You can crochet beads into the front or back of your work but i find it the most easy way to attach them to your work at the backside/wrong side of your work. This is the easiest way to do. You actually make a stitch but don’t finish it off yet, you thread a bead to the unfinished stitch and you finish it off. Let’s take a look at some step by step photo instructions.

I shall explain how to do this for a SC ( single crochet US ) and a DC ( double crochet US ). For both stitches, before you start working,  you thread the amount of beads needed to your yarn.

You do this by taking a sewing needle which can glide through a bead easily. Attach the yarn to the needle and thread the beads through the needle up to the yarn.

Make a beaded sc :

You make a beaded sc by just starting off a regular sc. You take up a loop through the indicated stitch just as you would do with a regular sc. But…before finishing the sc you shuffle the bead towards the stitch.

After you shuffled the beat towards the unfinished sc, you finish it off like a regular sc. You finish it over the bead so the beads stays in the place you shuffled it in and you capture it actually between the loops.

A finished beaded sc would look like this. Make sure you finish your stitch tight to ensure the bead stays in a good place and won’t be to loose. In the end it is a regular sc, only before finishing it you add a bead. Working it at the wrong side makes it easy as you make sure it stays at the right side of your work and the back side of the work stays flat.

Making a beaded DC :

Making a beaded dc is actually the same as a sc. However we do it again in steps. Just prepare a regular dc by making a loop around the hook and picking up a loop in the indicated stitch, just as you would do with a regular dc.

Make the first step towards the dc by making a loop around the hook and pull it through two loops on the hook. You will now have a half made dc.

Now shuffle the bead towards the half made dc so it is in position to crochet it along.

Now finish the dc off as a regular dc capturing the bead between the last loops. Just as the beaded sc.

And a finished beaded dc would look like this.

It is really easy. And this way you could make any stitch beaded. Just make a stitch up to the last phase to finish it off, but before doing that you would shuffle the bead towards it and after that you finish it.

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