Changing colors without fastening off – tutorial

As many patterns of my hand holds working with two colors or even more, I write down a lot to just put colors aside and pick up later. For me it is a simple way of reducing a lot of ends and save yarn. But I sometimes also notice that many of you don’t know this technique yet. For that reason it became time to explain this better. All mosaic patterns from my hand holds this changing color technique, but also many other patterns.

To start off, just let’s start with a simple circle where you would have attached your thread into a stitch.

Just crochet the Round of stitches according the pattern or the way you would like to do, making a slip stitch in the top of the first stitch to close a Round.

Now make the last loop of the slip stitch where you hook is in bigger. Big enough for your ball of yarn to slip through.

Now pull your ball of yarn through the big loop.

Now just pull the loop tight so you’ll close it. You will now have only the thread with the ball of yarn attached. The thread can be safely put aside without the risk to pull out stitches or any other risks.

Now as you would have done this with the first color as well, you would still have a thread of the color hanging at your work a Round down. Take that Color thread up and with a slip stitch pull it up in the indicated stitch you want to start in.

the back of the work would have a small stripe of yarn over the previous Round.

Now make a chain and your ready to start with your new Round of stitches.

And that’s it ! You can just continue this process on and off with two colors or even more. Just keep in mind the Row/Round changes need to be accesable. So picking up a color with 5 Rows/Rounds between it isn’t really conveniant. But like the example above, changing at each Row/Round would be perfect. And in the end you only have four ends to weave. Two from the start and two from the end.

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