Dia de los Muertos CAL – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Dia de los Muertos CAL. This week we will start with the Black and Whites in the pattern. We will form a decorative stripe around our colorful center part. And we are crocheting the skulls as well this week ! Here are some details before you start Part 2 :

  • Please keep the Information Guide besides the pattern parts as they hold the abbreviations list for colors and stitches in the pattern parts. If you didn’t find them, you can download it here.
  • As stated at the introduction of the CAL, the test skull was also the actual skull used in the pattern. And it would be your own choice to already crochet nine or wait til week 2 of this CAL. If you decided to crochet all nine already I have to dissapoint you as this weeks crochet work will be reduced to a minimum of just six Rounds.
  • Also make sure when the skulls are crocheted to not decorate them yet. The decoration part will be in Part 4 and has not only a reason to decorate but also to apply the skulls even better to this pattern.
  • As we are not applying any skulls yet, there is no need to do something different to the pattern if you decided to not use skulls in it. The only thing you can leave out is crocheting the skulls…obviously : )
  • As stated due personal reasons I can’t give any of you help where needed. I know I told in the introduction guide this would be the way, but personal life has changed a bit. You can read all about it on the post about that subject. For this reason there are some different Facebook groups started by own initiative which I adore and am happy for. If you get stuck or need help try to reach out there. Our community is a helpfull one so the more experienced under us will help the less experienced, I’m sure of that. The Facebook group which will be runned by Marie from DotsYarnDen is the one I will keep an eye out on the background as this one is officially discussed with me and she has been such a great help these last weeks providing kits for our American side of the world. Here you can find that group.

Well so far some details. Here is Part 2 in all languages available for now :

On 14 October 2020 there was a error found in Round 14 of the pattern. After this date i revised all pattern 2 parts in all languages. The black and thicker part in Round 14 has been changed :

Round 14 (RS): Take Color B and attach it in any bpsc of last Round between two fans. This is bpsc between the two ch2-sps and not one of the five of a fan. CH3 (first DC), 3DC in next ch2-sp, sk next bpsc (this will be the first of five on a fan), (2DC in next ch1-sp between two bpsc, sk next bpsc) 4 times, 3DC in next ch2-sp. * 1DC in next bpsc between the two ch2-sps, 3DC in next ch2-sp, sk next bpsc (this will be the first of five on a fan), (2DC in next ch1-sp between two bpsc, sk next bpsc) 4 times, 3DC in next ch2-sp. Rep from * 7 more times. SS in top of first st to connect. [135DC]

On the Swedish version there was also a small error on Round 16. This is also revised in the pattern part. This is the change :

Varv 16: börja i första fm i en 2fm-ökning på förra varvet. 2LM (första HST), 1HST i nästa 6 maskor, 2HST i nästa maska.* 1HST i nästa 7 maskor, 2HST i nästa maska. Rep från * 16 gånger till. Avsluta med SM i första maskan. Lägg Färg B åt sidan. [162HST]

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