Making tassels tutorial…

In some of my designs like the Hydra blanket I add some selfmade tassels to my designs. Tassels are a great way of giving your blanket or bag just a little extra touch or feeling. There are plenty of ways to create tassels and one of the most used is the one where you pull around a string of yarn around a big ball of double strands. It delivers wonderful results but I find it much easier to use a different way with almost the same outcome. So, here is a little tutorial on how I do a tassel :

First, cut 10 to 15 strands of yarn with a length of 25 cm/ 10 inches from the yarn you have chosen. You can decide to just pick one color or different ones together. Just be creative and take the colours you like together.

Once you did this, rub the 25 strands of yarn between your fingers so they pull up like a cord.

Second, Now pull the rubbed 25 strands of yarn through the space or stitch you want a tassel in. It might be easy to pull a crochet hook through the space/stitch and grab the cord of strands with the hook, and pull it through. After that, you pull on both sides of the strands til they all are equally divided on both sides of the stitch/space and they have the same length on both sides of the stitch/space.

Third, make a slipknot with the strands and pull it tightly up to the stitch/space. You might end up probably with some different ends on the strands. Just cut them all the same size at the end with a big scissor.

Pretty easy don’t you think ?

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