Euphoria crochet pattern out now…

The name of this crochet pattern will actually conclude the entire design, it is a euphoric feeling it delivers to you after finishing it. A beautiful large mandala pattern can be crocheted into a ring or be used as a rug for example. For me, this pattern has an extra dimension when designing it. Crocheting is a part of my life that I won’t give up as it keeps me calm and gives me the moment of rest in a day I need. Still, in a physical way, it also delivers some problems lately and it is getting harder to continue doing it. Still, the feeling I get when once again completing a design like this, is what Euphoria is. It will let me forget the long and painful way of creating it. So, let this pattern be your moment of Euphoria as well!

I have been working for a long time on this pattern, and as with this kind of projects, I feel tension is key. You don’t want a doily/mandala that is curling and bobbling like the waves of the sea before blocking it or crocheting it into a ring. The outcome must be good – even without these things. Luckily I succeeded on doing this. I shared a lot of progress sneak peeks on my social media while crocheting on this piece of art.

Although the pattern is created and written on a gradient type of yarn cake, ( I used a Scheepjes Whirl Ombre 564 Golden Glowworm), later I also made a rug version in blue with a Scheepjes Whirligig. I didn’t add that version to the pattern as I feel it was an extra option I just made for fun. However, if you feel like doing the same thing with a DK type of yarn like Whirligig, use a 4.0mm hook size and the outcome will be approx. 130 cm in diameter.

Some general information about the pattern:

  • for the Whirl version I used a crochet hook size of 2.5mm.
  • Before buying the pattern – take note this pattern doesn’t hold a chart! It is written out carefully and there are photos to guide you through. Still, I want to make it very clear that reading is the key to succeeding in this pattern. It isn’t hard, but there is a lot of text to cover.
  • Stitches used in the pattern are only sc-hdc-dc and ch-sps.
  • The size of the pattern will be 90 cm in diameter. This is measured after being blocked or crocheted into a ring. The use of a ring is optional – if you like to use one, I used a 90cm diameter ring. However, I would advise you to first crochet the pattern and afterward choose the ring size as tension can variate.
  • if you purchase the pattern, you will receive a PDF file to download. For this pattern, I created two versions – one with only the written version and one with the written version and photos. This will be convenient for printing for those advanced crocheters out there.
  • the pattern is available in English (US) and Dutch.

And the most important thing as always – where to get the pattern? As usual, it is in my Ravelry store and my Etsy shop. Just click the links and you will be taken there. Enjoy this pattern and make sure to share your progress on social media!


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  1. Looks great and I do better with only written patterns. Purchased it and I am going to try. This would be my first mandala.


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