Rambling Roots pattern out now…

Meet Rambling Roots, a pattern that is made in the round. Like a seed of new life in nature planted in the ground, roots start to grow and expand throughout the earth. Most plants and trees start this way, and I find it fascinating to see. It is almost art to know how these roots ramble throughout the ground in an almost dancing routine. On their way, they form new buds to extend their network, grow, and take up all the energy they need. This pattern is built up in the round and delivers a circle-shaped result. For this reason, you could use it as a doily – or make a round cushion just as I did.

This pattern is built up out of two Colors – colors A and B. These two colors need to be contrasting colors for the best results. I made two different versions – one smaller version, which I made with Scheepjes Softfun. I used color 2533 Wheat as Color A and 2602 Graphite as Color B in the example. You need one ball of both colors for one circle – to make a cushion, you need the double amount.

For the larger version, I used a combination of Scheepjes Cahlista and Katia Concept Pure Degrade. Scheepjes Cahlista comes in balls of 50 grams with a length of 85 meters. As Color A, I took Katia Concept Pure Degrade color 201 – of which you need one ball for one circle and two balls for a cushion. As Color B, I used Scheepjes Cahlista color 157 Root beer; for one circle, you need two balls of yarn, and for a cushion, you need three balls of yarn.

Some general information about the pattern:

  • the pattern is made with an overlay crochet technique.
  • for the smaller version you need a 3.5mm hook size, and for the larger version, you need a 5.5.mm hook size.
  • the diameter of the smaller version will be 35cm, and the larger version will have a diameter of 45cm.
  • If you like to make a cushion out of this pattern, a cushion with the same diameter will be needed. You can also just make the pattern as a lovely coaster or doily.
  • the pattern does include a full written instruction, guided by step-by-step photos. The pattern doesn’t have a chart or video.
  • the pattern can be downloaded after purchase as a PDF file in English (US) or Dutch.

And now the most important part, where to get the pattern? As always you can get the pattern in my Ravelry shop or Etsy shop. After purchase, you receive a PDF file to download.

And what is next? Well, I already gave some hints on my social media….it will be a very beautiful pattern. Here is a sneak peek!


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