Soul of the Sea blanket pattern is out now…

Some years ago, in a scorching summer (for Dutch conditions), I created the Soul of the Sea Shawl. A pattern inspired by the deep and dark blue sea. I always had a connection to the sea; wherever I am on this planet, and there is a sea or ocean nearby, I have to see it. The sea, for me, is a significant and untamable part of our world that humanity is starting to put its mark upon. The oceans are having a hard time due to our way of consuming and living. However, I feel the sea will never bow to us humans. It still stays a mysterious world full of surprises which still holds so many strange things we have to discover. From the moment the shawl pattern was out, the request for a blanket version was there many times. And I had it on my schedule for a long time. Starting it made me realize it wasn’t just one on one creating a square-sized blanket. The math for a blanket version still changes the whole pattern, and so it became a fun puzzle to solve.

For this pattern, there are several options to choose from when it comes to materials to work with. I have listed all the suggestions under here as I can imagine some possibilities are cheaper than others. In this way, you can decide what you like to do.

Option 1: The example of this pattern is made with 4 Scheepjes Whirls. You crochet with a 4,5mm hook, and you take two same-colored Whirl threads simultaneously. The other two Whirls must be matching the end color of the first two Whirls. My example exists from a double thread color 781 Sea Breeze Tease Whirl connected with a double thread  color 754 Green Tea Tipple Whirl. This use of a double thread will deliver a regular size blanket.

Option 2: Another option is taking two same-colored Whirls with 4 Whirlettes. Pick 2 Whirlettes in the beginning color of the Whirl and 2 Whirlettes in the end color of the Whirl. In this way, you will extend your Whirl with a more gradient color change. You start with a double thread out of the beginning color Whirlettes; after that, you attach the double thread from the 2 Whirls, and to finish it, you will secure the double thread from the 2 Whirlettes of the end color. This combination will deliver a regular size blanket.

Option 3: You can choose to make a smaller size blanket by taking option 1 or 2 and just use one of the suggested amounts. In this way, you will crochet with a single thread of yarn. Use a crochet hook 3,0 mm for this. For example, take one Whirl to start with and connect a second with a matching color. Or take one Whirlette, combine a Whirl, and end with a matching Whirlette. These options will deliver a baby version of the blanket.

Option 4: You can also decide to take a single color of yarn in DK weight or the weight you prefer. For this option, you will take the hook size the suggested yarn needs. You will need 2000 meters of yarn for the pattern or even more if you like to extend it.

Some other information about the pattern:

You need a 3.0mm or a 4.5mm hook size depending on which option you will choose to make.

Size: The baby version will be approx. 80 x 80 cm / the regular version will become 120 x 120 cm.

All regular crochet stitches are used in this pattern.

The pattern is available in English (US terms) and Dutch.

The pattern is to download as a PDF file with written instructions and photos to guide you. No charts or videos are available.

And finally the most important part, where to get the pattern? As usual you can purchase it in my Raverly store or my Etsy Shop. I also made a small change to the Soul of the Sea Shawl pattern as well – it’s price has changed from $4.00 to $3.00.


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