Celtic Cables pattern is out now (free pattern)…

I was working on a new cable pattern crochet pattern these last weeks until my health was messing up my plans. As I had a lot of pain in my back and neck for a while now, I went to medical research, and they found at least two hernias. So, that explained a lot of my aches, and it also meant to take down crocheting a lot as it also affects the healing of these things. So, I decided not to crochet this project further but just write it down as a component to do a own project.

As the pattern only holds a single repeat of the cable with a 20 stitch count, you could easily copy and paste it into different designs together. In this way, the options are endless. For example, you could add it to a scarf, a cushion, a blanket, or even a rug. Use your own imagination to create whatever you like. The pattern isn’t that hard as it only holds one intricate cable stitch – which is also explained in detail. The design comes with a chart which also makes it easier to follow.

Some practical information about the component pattern:

Required yarn: For this example, I used Scheepjes Terrazzo which comes in balls of 50 grams with a length of 175 meters of yarn. However, this is just an example, and you could use anything you would like to make this pattern.

Hook size needed: I used a 4.5mm crochet hook for the Terrazzo example. If you use another type of yarn, please take a size higher than required as cable work is very tense.

Format: One ball of Terrazzo gives this pattern width of 13 cm and a length of 62 cm. The pattern Rows are repeated six times in total. This is just an indication of what the pattern will do. For one repeat in width and length, you can calculate a size of 13cm width x 10 cm length in the suggested yarn.

Stitches used: Regular stitches are used to create a cable pattern. There is only one special stitch which is explained in detail with photos.

The pattern has written instructions and a chart. Unfortunately, there are no videos available.

And the most important thing – where to get it? You can find it as a free pattern on Ravelry to add to your library. You’ll find it here.

Or download it right away from here:

Errata: It seems I messed up the Rows in the written version of the pattern. So, at April 12, 2022 I uploaded a revised version which is correct! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Enjoy the crochet pattern component part!!! I will soon be back with some new patterns, as before I had these hernia complications, I already had some new stuff ready!


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  1. Thank you so much for yet another beautiful pattern. Please be well and happy, you are loved and cared about around the world.

    Much awe and respect


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