Meet Memory…a third book from the Guy with the Hook…

Finally, I can present a well-kept secret! Here is my third book, Memory! I have worked so, so, so hard on this project over the last months, and finally, it can see daylight. Although the photo shows the proof of the book and some corrections are made as we speak, I am so proud to finally show you a first glimpse of it.

On September 18, 2023, the journey continues…In Memory Mark will once again take you on a journey worldwide. As most of the destinations chosen are visited in the past, Mark has written down a cherished memory about each destination – guided by a suiting crochet pattern. We once again travel over the entire world from Denmark to Egypt and from Scotland to China.

This third book will actually be the follow-up on Journey/Crochet Journey, and in this third book, Mark will close the chapter on traveling. So, just one more time, step aboard and travel the entire world accompanied by Mark, his stories, your crochet hook, and a big pile of yarn.

More information about the book, like the who, why, where, and what, will follow up soon. I will announce every detail soon enough. For now, this is just the announcement of a third book coming up!


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