Apollo’s Acknowledgement is out now…

And another new pattern is up and running! Meet Apollo’s Acknowledgment! A lovely design with a lot of texture and stunning gradient color changes. And perfect for many ways of use as it can be a wall hanging, a rug – or take the center part out of it and create a lovely cushion. The options are endless. First, let me tell you something about the inspiration for this piece.

This pattern is inspired by the Greek god Apollo – the son of Zeus. The history of the Greek gods is a vibrant and deep subject to get lost in, and once you start reading about all the different gods – you also learn they all had their abilities. Apollo, in this case, was known as the god of sun and light. Besides that, he also was a great warrior who knew his way with the bow and arrow. And these are just two of his excellent skills. So I tried to bring back these elements into this arrow by creating rays of the sun and small arrows.

Some general information about the pattern:

  • I created two versions. One is made with a Scheepjes Whirl, which is the blue/purple version. This one is made with a 3.0mm hook and a Scheepjes Whirl 769 Blackberry Mint Chip. This version will deliver a mandala with size approx. 75-80 cm. The second version is done with a Scheepjes Whirligig, which is the yellow/blue version. This one is done with a 4.0mm hook and a Scheepjes Whirligig 203 Teal to Yellow. This version delivers a mandala with size approx. 85-90 cm.
  • As I made two versions, you can see what a fingering weight and a DK weighted type of yarn do for this pattern. The details are all written down in a pattern.
  • It is possible to capture this pattern into a ring. I did with the purple version, and instructions are written down in the pattern to do so. Important to know, first crochet the pattern before choosing a ring size as the outcome can variate.
  • use of a ring is optional. The yellow version is done without one.
  • the pattern includes a detailed written version guided by photos. Unfortunately, there is no chart or video available for this pattern.
  • the pattern is available as a PDF download after purchase. The pattern is written in English – US terms. We also have a Dutch and French versions available. The Dutch version is translated by Tineke Tap, and the French version is translated by Celine Kavanagh.

And now, the most essential part, where to get this pattern? As always, it can be purchased digitally on Ravelry, Etsy, and my own little shop. In addition, the pattern is available in English – US terms, Dutch, and French. The Dutch version is translated by Tineke Tap – who also did the test part for this one. And the French version is translated by the lovely Celine Kavanagh.

What’s next? Oh, I have some great things coming up so stay tuned!…


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  1. Dan zou ik graag can de blue purple
    Het patroon bij de guy of the hook Mark willen bestellen in het Nederlands. Dit wordt dan m.n derde pronkstuk van Mark.
    Hoe en waar kan ik dat doen.
    Vr.gr.Hetty Herder

    Outlook voor Android downloaden


    1. Hi The guy with the hook! I recently purchased your pattern via etsy and I’ve hit a snag early on in the pattern on round 7. I cant seem to place my stitches in the right position. I was wondering if the trebles are placed in every other flo-sc? And where do I place the first flo-sc please?


      1. It doesn’t matter that much in which flo you crochet a treble. As long as your trebles are standing pretty straight. It doesn’t matter if you skip one or two flo’s now and then as you must due the stitch amount of the previous Rounds.


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