Code of the Rainbow pattern out now…

Finally, I have found some time to show and share some new work! And a free pattern this time! Meet the Code of the Rainbow, which is all based on color, as you obviously can see! So let me first tell you some more about the inspiration and idea behind the pattern. Sometimes a crocheter craves a project that doesn’t require that much attention or experience. Last summer I had the same feeling. Vacation time was coming up, and all I wanted was to do something relaxing and straightforward. So, I made some samples and came up with a fabulous idea. Indeed, this pattern also blows you away by choice of colors and yarns, but it is very calming to crochet away those meters and see different colors passing by. For that reason, I believe this pattern could also be related to color therapy. Besides that, there are almost no ends to weave in, and no blocking is needed. So, did I convince you to give it a go? Enjoy it!

And how did the name of this pattern come to my mind? Well, as I had so many possible ideas in mind to name this baby, I couldn’t decide on which one I had to pick. So, I asked you guys on my social media to go crazy and think of names for this one. Well, and you were surprised by coming up with hundreds of titles. Most of them had some similar things and ideas, which I found very useful. Some were very clever, but its concept was just too unfamiliar for us as it was peculiar. So, I have scrolled down through all comments, and I think I haven’t found this title I combined out of different input. Many of you said it looked like codes – or code language. In this virtual age, our technology has its own code, and it often is displayed in stripes. Besides that, there were many options with the Rainbow instead. So, I made the combination, and here is Code of the Rainbow. Thank you all so much for thinking along with this one.

Time for some general information about this pattern:

  • I used Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette for this pattern. The combination is made out of 1 Scheepjes Whirl 759 Jumpin Jelly and 3 Scheepjes Whirlette 851 Liqourice. One color needs to be the gradient type of yarn, and the other must be the solid color. You will need approx. One thousand meters of gradient yarn and 1200 meters of solid yarn for this pattern.
  • the pattern is straightforward – beginners level. You only work with some basic stitches, and you can easily change the length and width of the pattern.
  • Finished size of the blanket will be 70 x 140 cm.
  • You will need a crochet hook size 3,5mm.
  • the pattern includes a written version, a small photo tutorial on how this technique works, and a chart.
  • pattern is available in English (US) and Dutch.

And here is the most important thing. The download section for the pattern. You can also get it on Ravelry and store it in your library. It is available in English (US) and Dutch:

Of course, I try my best to offer some free stuff now and then besides the paid patterns I create. However, I don’t work with sponsors or yarn companies that provide my yarn and materials. For that reason, you can support my work by buying me a coffee. And this is only an option if you feel like giving something; there is no must as I realize we all have different situations of living and income. So don’t feel like this is a must. Click on the logo down here if you like to support me:

And what’s up next? Well, I have a lot going on at the moment behind scenes, some beautiful patterns are on the shelf, ready to be released a large project which will be made over some months next year will soon see daylight once I finished the preparations for this one. Excited? Well, I am for sure…oh and I soon will start writing down the sock recipe which is in the family for ages now. I guess it becomes time to store this piece of history in my library in case it got lost. For now, enjoy Code of the Rainbow, and see you soon!


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    1. Sk means skip – a general term in any crochet or knitting pattern. So, I didn’t think it had to be mentioned, but asking is always a possibility, and I’m happy to give you the answer!


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