Journey – a book from the Guy with the Hook…the pre-order

Finally, I can reveal a long and well-kept secret which I know for almost a year now. Somewhere around the autumn of last year, when the whole world was locked down and in a pandemic crisis - I created the idea to write down some of my personal experiences out of my traveling around the... Lees verder →

Vincent’s Gift out now…

Time for a new pattern, and I guess one that is already loved before I even published it. This pattern is inspired by the famous Almond Blossom painting by Vincent van Gogh. It makes me proud to create something based on one of the greatest masters which my country produced back in the days. As... Lees verder →

The Guy with the Hook shop is open !

The time has finally come! I can proudly say that another milestone has been reached. A few years ago I started the Guy with the Hook from the idea … well let me try something. But I could never have imagined what all this would produce. As I already mentioned, 2021 is the year of... Lees verder →

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