Vincent’s Gift out now…

Time for a new pattern, and I guess one that is already loved before I even published it. This pattern is inspired by the famous Almond Blossom painting by Vincent van Gogh. It makes me proud to create something based on one of the greatest masters which my country produced back in the days. As the Almond Blossom painting was a gift from Vincent to his brother, who became a father, I thought it was a nice gesture to name it as his gift. Not only because he gifted it, but mainly for the gift Vincent had.

This pattern is one of many I created over time – yet it is the first one. When I moved from one home to another, I found my first design book back in some old boxes. In it, I found my first crochet adventure, which was this pattern. However, the description was cryptic and far from perfect. So, I started translating all the notes and convert them to a better version. The result is even surprising to me, and I can’t get it over my head. I had this pattern for so long hidden away.

Some general information about the pattern.

  • the pattern is made with Scheepjes Stonewashed en Riverwashed. You will need 1 ball of Stonewashed 809 Yellow Jasper, 1 ball of Stonewashed 821 Pink Quartzite, 1 ball of Stonewashed 804 Boulder Opal. Besides that, you will need 2 balls of Riverwashed 948 Danube. These amounts together will be around 600 – 650 meters of yarn required.
  • crocheted with a crochet hook size 4,0 mm.
  • the pattern holds a very clear written instruction, accompanied by many photos to guide you. As you will work in a continuous overlay method, there are no charts or videos made of this pattern.
  • for this pattern, it is optional to crochet it in a ring. You will need a ring with a diameter of 45 cm for this.
  • the pattern is build up out of the regular crochet terms. Special stitches will be a popcorn stitch, a puff stitch, and some front and back post stitches.
  • the pattern is available in English (US) and Dutch. Tineke Tap and Wendy de Vries test the pattern. About these tests – see here the version of Tineke and the same colored version of Tineke.
The Vincent’s Gift of Tineke Tap.
The Vincent’s Gift of Wendy de Vries

As always, we also have our two platforms available as well. You can find it here on Ravelry and here on Etsy.

If you like to buy some yarn individually for this pattern as you might want to change colors or types of yarn, I recommend doing this by these shops.


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