Indian Flower Bag pattern out now !…

It is time to reveal the third pattern of the Indian Flower crochet pattern collection. As you might already have seen, the first two – which were the Indian Flower Rug and the Indian Flower Cushion – this third one is a bag. And although the pattern could be easily used as a single doily, a bag is an excellent option to go with once you like to take something self-made with you on a summer day. If you add hinges to it is your own choice because without it could even be a cute clutch. Let’s discover this new pattern, shall we?

The connection between all the Indian Flower patterns is the center of them. They all start from the same Rounds. Still, they turn out all pretty different as after a few Rounds, they begin to change. I decided to crochet some samples of these bag patterns to show you what colors and various types of yarn could do. For example, the gold/purple and blue/white ones are made out of Scheepjes Stonewashed. But the red/dark blue is made out of Scheepjes Our Tribe. A different type of yarn. Still, it gives a surprisingly good addition to this pattern.

Some general information about the pattern:

  • made with Scheepjes Stonewashed. You need two colors of yarn – and from both colors, you need 2 balls of yarn. I used colors 809 Yellow Jasper and 811 Deep Amethyst.
  • a different option is using Scheepjes Our Tribe. The outcome will become a bit smaller, but the outcome is lovely. The red/dark blue version is an Our Tribe version made with the colors Happy in Red and Iris Garden. One ball of each color will be enough for a bag.
  • for the Our Tribe version is a hook size of 3.0 mm needed; for the Stonewashed version, you will need a 4.0 mm hook size.
  • to make a bag, you will need an additional zipper with a length of 20 cm.
  • If you like to add some hinges – you will need them as well.
  • the bag or doily will have a diameter of 27 cm (11 inches).
  • stitches used in the pattern are mostly common stitches with a lot of front and back post sts.
  • the pattern holds written instructions, guided by many photos.
  • there are no charts or videos available for this pattern.
  • The pattern is available in English and Dutch. Tineke Tap did the Dutch translation.

And the most important thing to tell, where to get the pattern ? Well, as always you can get my patterns on Ravelry and in my Etsy shop. Soon there will be a change in these selling points – but this news will be in the next blog post. Will you keep an eye out for it as the next blog will holds some important notes about the future of the Guy with the Hook. Exciting isn’t it ?!

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