The Indian Flower Rug pattern is now available…

It is time to reveal one of the giant patterns I have ever written—the Indian Flower Rug. It is a beautiful design inspired by the sacred Lotus motifs you will find in many holy places around India. As this pattern will become one full of texture and a tense definition, it will be perfect as a rug. It will also be a fabulous doily or wall hanging if you decide to use some other types of yarn. The options are endless. I have given many sneak-peaks of this beautiful pattern over the past few weeks, and I am glad most of you are just as excited as I am about this pattern.

As told it is one of the largest patterns ever written from my hand. And the pattern holds so many photos to guide you along as you will work in overlay crochet all the time. For this reason the pattern is only available in English (US) and Dutch for now. More languages will follow, but the translation job is a huge one which costs time and effort for any translator who works on this one. The Dutch version is done by Tineke Tap which also was a tester. She used some mercerized cotton to make a wall hanging out of this pattern. Wendy de Vries also was testing this pattern in a different colorway. Both test results can be seen under here :

test result by Tineke Tap
test result by Wendy de Vries

Some details about the pattern :

  • For the pattern, I used one Scheepjes Whirligig (color 213) and 5 balls of Scheepjes Merino Soft (color 600). These are premium types of yarn, which are expensive. I found it worth it to use for this pattern, but if you like to use a similar type of yarn, that is understandable. In that case, you will need 1000 meters of yarn for Color B and 525 meters of yarn for Color A.
  • the pattern is crocheted with a hook size of 4.0mm. This delivers a more tense project, but this is the best to avoid seeing other colored stitches through the overlay stitches as we work in the overlay.
  • The pattern can’t be extended. It is written in size available as a lot of math and tension is calculated and tested. The finished diameter of the pattern will be 85 cm.
  • The pattern contains written instructions and a step by step photo tutorial. This pattern holds up to more than a hundred photos to guide you along. There is no chart to follow, as it is almost impossible to make one with overlay crochet.
  • There are NO videos available due to the fact I am a lefthanded crocheter.
  • When you crochet this piece of art into a rug, you can sew some anti-slip fabrics under it or glue some transparent silicone dots on different backside places. This tackles the problem that it might slide on some different types of floors.
  • If you don’t like a rug, this pattern can become a perfect wall hanging as well. My tester Tineke Tap made a wallhanging from it with some mercerized cotton yarns.
  • the pattern is available in English (US) and Dutch for now. More languages will follow, but as the pattern is a huge one to translate, this may take some time. The Dutch translation is done by Tineke Tap.
  • the price of this pattern is pretty high in contrast with other work of mine. But as this is a huge and detailed pattern, I have decided to ask for a higher fee.

And the most important thing to tell, where can you buy the pattern ? It is available in my Ravelry shop or my Etsy shop : Engimono gifts. On Ravelry you get both languages when you buy the pattern, on Etsy you have to select you prefered language as each language is listed individually on Etsy due technical issues.

Well, that’s all for now ! One last thing to tell is that this pattern is part of a collection. The Indian Flower will hold three patterns, so stay tuned for pattern two and three.


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    1. Dit patroon is via Ravelry en Etsy te koop op het moment. Binnen een aantal weken komt er overigens een makkelijkere manier voor NL bij.


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