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Today I would like to talk about Kokonki yarns, a Poland company that manufactures their cakes and balls of yarn in the most beautiful colors – from uni to gradient ranges of color. As Anna from Kokonki told me a few times: “The love for yarn is spread without any borders or limits.” And I think she is right. There is no crocheter or knitter I have met who isn’t obsessed with yarn balls and colors they would like to use. And so let’s talk about the love for Kokonki yarns today! As I didn’t know the brand and yarn at all up till a few weeks ago ( I know it..it is a shame!), it is lovely to explore something new and unknown and share it with you. It is always a quest on its own to see what hook sizes fit yarn, how the texture of a thread will be, and how the yarn will work up in different stitches used. Well, I have done some tests, and I am happy to say something about different Kokonki types of yarn and what I think is best for them.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Kokonki. They told me they would like to offer me a package of their products from Poland. Of course, as I didn’t know Kokonki, I immediately start googling them, and I ended up on their website. Instant love was there right away, seeing all these lovely yarns. I have said and told before that I don’t do sponsor deals that much as I always feel I don’t want to be an advertisement for anything offered. Only when I think it suits me as a person and my work do I intend to do this – and with it, I also have to feel a connection by the shop owner or brand that I would like to review. It is the case when it comes to Kokonki, and so I agreed with a mystery surprise box. A week later, the package arrived, and it held so many unique yarns and colors. Perfect for doing a useful review for you to define some types of cakes and types of yarn. So let’s start with that.

The first yarn I like to review is the Kokonki Motki Ombre, a cake out of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. It also contains a shiny, glittery thread. It is a 4ply-thread which means the thread consists of 4 individual strands of yarn which forms one large thread. One of those four strands is a glittery one that really lights up your work and almost gives a festive look to your work. You can find these cakes of yarn in their Kokonki Shine section. I have made a swatch with this shiny yarn which you can look at, at the bottom of this review. I have tried different hooks on the 4ply-yarn, and it came out best with a 4mm hook size.

Next up is a Kokonki Rare. This cake of yarn is a more luxurious type Kokonki has to offer. It is named Rare because the colorways created for these cakes are more exclusive and changing than others. Also, the range of threads and type of thread can change at these cakes. For example, this one is a 100% merino wool thread; you can also see this in the photos – the yarn looks slightly hairier. This product’s result is less shiny and more natural when you might compare it to the cotton/acrylic types of yarn. Yet, the color-changing is as fabulous as with every cake. Although this cake is a 3ply-thread, I find it best to use a 4mm hook size as wool works up more decadent and tighter than cotton. Keep this in mind when you use a wool cake from them—interested in the Rare cakes of Kokonki? Check their section here.

Above is also a Kokonki Rare, but in other conditions when it comes to the type of yarn. This thread consists out of cotton and acrylic. The combination of colors is different as this cake will deliver yarn stripes instead of an ombre effect. Besides that, there is chosen to add one dark thread throughout the entire cake to create a more Stonewashed look once used. My conclusion for the 3ply-thread was to use a 3.0mm hook size with it. You can find this cake in the same section as named above.

TIP – If you find it hard to shop at the website of Kokonki due to the fact you can’t speak Polish just like me, try entering the website through a search engine from Google. In this way, Google will give you the option to use translation in the needed language. It is not perfect but does shopping and reading a lot easier. It worked perfectly fine for me to choose some cakes, add them to my shopping cart and understand all the ordering process information.

And now the pride of Kokonki. The Classic cakes are the most significant section of their company and the most used. There are hundreds of examples to find on Ravelry and the Facebook group of Kokonki . Each colorway is unique, and you can even customize your cake of colors. These cakes also come in the thread selection you like. You can choose over 5 or 6 different types of thread which your cake consists out of. The above examples are both various. The pink-blue version is a 50% cotton and 50% acrylic version; the red version is a 100% merino wool version. Both cakes are a 3-ply thread which works excellent with a 3.0mm for me. Try to experiment a little when it comes to crochet hook sizes, as it also depends on the tension of your work most of the time and the project you like to make with it. It also works differently for knitting needles. Can’t wait to see some more Classics? You can check them out in the classics section.

Lastly, we also have some balls of solid colors, which work fine as an extension of a cake or to use for a single colored project. They come in the same conditions as all cakes above. I do love the starting label. As all the cakes hold an embellishment as a starting point, these little gems say a friendly “hello”! It makes you even happier before you start using this cutie, right?

So far, the review on different types of yarn, other threads, and how to use them. By all the photo work, you are already convinced these cakes are just fantastic without even having the touch and feel of a cake. Above is just a selection of cakes and types which Kokonki has to offer. Look at their website for all the details and information. All over Europe, the shipping costs are cheap, and even overseas, it is very reasonable. The only important thing to say is they don’t ship to the United States of America for now. 

As I told you, I always consider it if I want to give a review on something offered, as I also work with the mindset that what is provided to you still has a price. People put their energy, money, and effort into a product that comes your way for free, and you can’t just take a photo and think that covers a sponsor deal. If I receive something, I always feel I have to give something back – that’s why I still consider it if I accept something or don’t. And giving something back to Kokonki also means giving something to the rest of you all. Cause a free pattern won’t hurt both, right ?! I have started something new and am just experimenting with stitches and tensions at the moment. But you can expect something new, something free and something Polish pretty soon.


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  1. hallo,
    ik vind jouw werk altijd prachtig, heb al een deken gemaakt. ik vind het wel spijtig dat de teksten altijd in het Engels is … vind ik die ergens in het Nederlands?


    1. Nee helaas niet, enkel als het een echt Nederlands gerelateerd onderwerp heeft. U kunt vast begrijpen dat Engels nu eenmaal de algemene voertaal is voor vele nationaliteiten is. Mijn blog wordt door mensen over de hele wereld gelezen en helaas is er maar een heel klein deel buiten ons mooie landje wat onze taal begrijpt. Daarom is deze keuze zorgvuldig afgewogen.


  2. Met veel belangstelling deze blog gelezen. Prachtig garen. Een tip: voor mensen die geen Pools spreken (zoals ik😉), deze garens zijn ook te bestellen via Etsy. Dan is alles gewoon in het Nederlands (or English)! De enige moeilijkheid is dan nog het kiezen van een kleur!


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