“Yuna” now available…

As this pattern is released on Easter day 2021, I officially call it a gift to anyone who likes to use it. A shawl is always one of the items you can never make enough of – gift it away to a good friend or family or keep it to warm yourself on a chilly Spring day. However, as every pattern from my side always tells a little story, this one is no exception, and let’s start with explaining the motif behind Yuna.

A while ago, the Polish yarn company Kokonki contacted me about a collaboration. They wanted me to send some yarns from their make without any expectations. As I don’t want to become too commercial, I often deny these offers. Yet, Kokonki was a yes as they are so kind and deserve some attention. So, I received a box of yarn from them, and I did a good review. If you still don’t know Kokonki or want to know something about their types of yarns, see my post here.

After I did the review, I started crocheting, and these cakes are just perfect to create the most fantastic shawl patterns. So, it wasn’t that hard to decide what kind of project it had to become. And once I’m on fire, things can go pretty fast. While I was crocheting, this whole pattern delivered me some different insides for inspiration. As I made the shown example with colorway: Fading Unicorn, these colors reminded me directly of a character out of a game I played many years ago. The summoner Yuna out of the Final Fantasy game. Her kimono has the same fading pink to blue.

photo rights belong to Final Fantasy and Square Enix.

But another inside to name this pattern after a Japanese girl’s name happened while I visited Japan. One day I lost my way in a small village. I couldn’t find the way back to the train station – and I had to board the train within a specific time limit. Out of the blue, a young girl came to me and asked if she could help me. I told her I lost my way and needed to get back to the train station. She offered to walk me there and told me her name was Yuna. She walked me around and even waited until I boarded—such a friendly and respectful way of helping each other without anything in return. A few years later, I call this pattern after her as a thank you to her for her help that day.

Time for some general information about the pattern:

Meet Yuna, a lovely triangular shawl that is a perfect pattern for any yarn and any occasion. This pattern is created with yarns from the Polish brand Kokonki. They sponsored me some yarns to work with, and here is the result. The pattern is named “Yuna” for a reason. Some years ago in Japan, I totally lost my way to the train station. Standing there in a small town with no clue. A clever Japanese girl named Yuna asked me if she could help me. She walked me back to the station and even waited till I boarded the train. Such a respectful way of showing kindness, and in return, some years later, I name this pattern. Also, this shawl’s colors reminded me of the kimono the character Yuna wears in the Final Fantasy game. It a game I played a lot when in puberty.

Some general information about the pattern:

  • crochet hook 3.0mm or any suggested hook size for the yarn you chose.
  • 1000-1100 meters of yarn – any yarn works out fine in any weight.
  • the size of this shawl with the Kokonki yarn cake turned out 150 cm on the longest side, and the other two sides became 115 cm. The depth of the shawl will be 85 cm.
  • Stitches used in the pattern are all regular stitches. Special stitches will be a puff stitch and some front post stitches. There is also a cross-stitch which is carefully explained in the pattern – at the Row where it is used. Overall the pattern is very suitable for any experience.
  • The pattern holds written instructions with step-by-step photos to guide you.
  • there are no videos or charts available for this pattern.
above you can see the test result of Tineke Tap. She crocheted the pattern with Scheepjes Our Tribe in different colors. She also translated the Dutch version of this pattern.

Enough words, time for the thing you waited for. The pattern! You can also download this pattern from Ravelry and add it to your library. But you can also download it right away here. The design is available in English and Dutch for now. My steady side-kick, Tineke Tap, did the Dutch translation and testing. Her version of this shawl can be seen above.

And that’s it for now. I do hope you enjoy the pattern and there will be many pretty versions made out of it by all of you. I will catch up with all of you soon as big news is approaching fast. Until that moment, I do hope you will be busy making Yuna.


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