Seaside Serendipity out now…

Finally, I can reveal a big secret…and a new pattern! I have been working on this for the past six months together with Tineke Tap. One of the largest projects I ever made and I can finally introduce it: meet Seaside Serendipity. It has become the next big project after my Spice Market pattern – and just like that one it will take you on a journey. But another thing has changed! To protect my work from digital stealing and copyright violation – I decided to bundle this large piece of work into a booklet. This means a new step I’m taking!

The Seaside Serendipity is a beautiful and very elaborate pattern. You make a journey from the Dutch seabed to the coast in ten parts. On your way, you will encounter all facets of Dutch nature. The pattern includes St, Jacob’s shells, herrings, seaweed, beach houses, and seagulls. Each part has its own charm and piece of the story. Just like the Spice Market, this pattern falls under the extensive patterns that you can really crochet away as a story.

Due to the size of this pattern, it was decided to bundle it into a booklet. The amount of text, photos, and explanations is so extensive that this is the best way to convey this. In addition, this is a great way to protect my work from possible digital theft. However, I understand that for some a digital version also has advantages. Therefore, the pattern will also appear online after a certain lead time – this will be about a year after the release date.

What does the booklet contain:

– 56 pages of text, photos and stories
– the booklet comes in matte paper with an iron ring binder.
– the booklet is available in Dutch and English.
– The booklet is sent under the cheapest shipping rates. This means that there are no tracking options available and this will be sent as regular mail. For abroad, this may mean that your order may take a little longer to arrive – even though we do ship as priority.

Some practical info regarding the pattern:

– the example is worked with Scheepjes Stonewashed. You need the following quantities:

Color scheduleColor shade: Scheepjes Stonewashed used:Balls of Stonewashed used:The total amount of meters needed for each color:
Color AWhite 801 Moonstone3350 meters
Color BLight blue 813 Amazonite3390 meters
Color CMid blue 828 Larimar3350 meters
Color DDark blue 805 Blue Apatite7850 meters
Color ELight green 819 New Jade2200 meters
Color FSand 831 Axinite4500 meters
Color GDark green 806 Canada jade2220 meters
Color HLight Grey 814 Crystal Quartz3350 meters
Color ILight Brown 804 Boulder Opal4390 meters

Of course we also encourage people to determine their own yarn and color choice, which is why the number of meters is also described.

  • crochet hook size 4.0mm and 5.0mm is needed for the pattern.
  • the stitches used in this pattern are all basic stitches based on Us terms and are suitable for an intermediate level of knowledge.
  • the size of the blanket is 110 x 160 cm.

So, as the booklet is available in print for now. This could be purchased through my Etsy shop.

I do hope you like this new addition to my pattern collection and this new move I am making. For sure, I have decided to print this pattern – but not all future patterns will be done like this. Only the patterns are so big and extremely detailed. Besides that, it is really fun to have a storytelling pattern bundled together in a booklet!


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