Seaside Serendipity digital pattern now available – help Ukraine!

When I was away these last days, I thought a lot. Unfortunately, something happened in our beautiful world that no one had ever felt this generation would have to face – another war has started. You may think we would have learned from the past ages and wars that this only causes pain, loss, and no solutions. But, unfortunately, the same will happen once again. And although I really don’t want to have a political view, I want to discuss who is right or wrong and on which side you have to be….one thing is an actual fact: people are dying, losing their homes, children are dying, people become refugees, and people are forced to fight to protect what is theirs.

When I released the Spice Market pattern, we had a colossal nature crisis of forest fires that devasted the country in Australia about two years ago. So from the raises of that pattern, I made a huge donation to help restore things there. And why not do it again?!

As I released the Seaside Serendipity crochet pattern as a booklet a few weeks ago, I clearly stated that the digital release of this pattern would be after a year. This was my plan, and I would do it this way with a purpose. But, as this war in Ukraine started about a week ago, it made me realize to let personal issues go and make a stand here once again. I design to make the world a better place and give people some pleasure when they work on a pattern, so I also need to use this to help our world when required.

So, from March 2 up till March 5, all raises from the digital version of the Seaside Serendipity will be entirely donated to help Ukraine. This will include all digital sales on Ravelry, Etsy, and my own webshop. All purchases will be entirely donated when commission and taxes are taken off.

And let me be clear! This donation will not be made to fund a war – it will be used to help refugees from Ukraine, help children in need, help people getting food and water, helping people who need medical care. In the Netherlands, we have started a special task force of several international trusts to raise money; they are strictly watching these raises be spent on these matters.

If you like to buy the digital Seaside Serendipity pattern, you can do that on Ravelry, Etsy, or the Guy with the Hook webshop.

Please respect this decision from my side. No matter your opinion on this world situation, be respectful, and please start no discussions on personal thoughts.


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