Donation to support Ukraine – the final raises…

Last week I was devastated by the images and videos we see over the news of the war in Ukraine. As I have always believed war or violence is no solution to anything – no matter what the reasons or beliefs might be, I strongly judge this act of war taking place in our world. The end result of these things always ends up in many losses, the devastation of homes and cities, people becoming refugees, and for what? The pride of one person who thinks it deserves something? It is good to see the world around Ukraine is taking a stand in a non-violent way and trying to help those who need help in ways that are useful. And the same urge was in me. Although I can’t handle a gun, don’t want to fight or live over there, it doesn’t mean I can handle the things I can do. As designing crochet patterns is my skill – why not use it to help those in need? And so, the idea started to get the Seaside Serendipity crochet pattern out in a digital form eleven months earlier than decided. And the sales from last days went fully to the support of Ukraine.

So, I have made up the final calculations. I added all digital sales from the pattern with the reduction of taxes and commission money some platforms calculate, I added all profits from the sold Seaside booklets from the last days, and I added all those raises from those of you who made a personal request. To make a nice and even amount of money, I also added an amount from my own savings to it – which results in the amount of € 3000,00! This would be approx. 3300,00 dollar or nearly 10,000 Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Where is the money donated? In the Netherlands, we have an umbrella organization – called Giro 555. It is a collaboration of 11 trusts that all work on International grounds. Think off Red Cross, Unicef, and many others. They will use the money to help refugees which are spreading over Europe – but mainly they will also help people and animals in Ukraine by providing aid, health care, clothes, water, food, transport, and many other things that are very important. So, all of your purchases will be well spent.

Under here is an official document to show the money has been donated to the Giro 555 organisation:

Thank you all so much for making this happen and letting me be able to raise such an amount of money. Having an idea and putting your work out as a tool to do this is one thing, but the people also need to support an initiative. And that is what all of you did !!! My heart is warming and my eyes are a bit wet. Let’s keep our hearts and mind to those in our world suffering.


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