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For a few months, my mailbox has been getting fuller and fuller. Daily I receive many emails and messages regarding order questions, pattern questions, and many more. Lately, my designs are getting more popular – which for sure is something I love and cherish, but it also delivers a lot more to handle. For that reason, it became time to make some changes in my life, on a personal level – and in business communications. These changes start now, and I am happy to inform you about them in this post.

  • Replying emails and messages. As told, there are daily a lot of emails and messages to reply. And for sure, I like to answer everything in person as I am the one who knows my business and patterns the best. But, I also have a dayjob and need a lot of time working on new things – which makes it harder to keep on track with the amount of emails. For sure, emails regarding orders are always a priority – but other questions will take a few days to answer. So, be aware it can take some time to get an answer from me. This is also very important for sales on Etsy! Etsy is making a mess last weeks, many orders can’t be downloaded and Dutch payments are often not completed as they deal with technical issues. This delivers a lot of messages and help from my side – which I gladly provide, but it takes some extra time to manage.

  • Requests for commission work, meets and greets or workshops. Another part of many emails and messages started right after the release of my book Journey. The list of shops who like to book me for a meet and great or a workshop is growing and growing. The same answer applies as above, due a important planning in time I don’t do this. It would consume so much time for such less effort, that it affects my personal life and designing in important ways. Besides that, many companies like to commission my work. And i feel honored and treasured by them as it is a huge compliment. Still, the time I spend on designing and the effort I put into my work, is not something done in a week. Besides that I don’t hold a library full of written patterns to share and sell as I please. There is no production in this, it is free creativity. And that inspiration needs to stay free. So, for the next months – and probably next year i won’t take any of these matters.
  • Social media. I am controlling my social media on Facebook and Instagram daily. And I see all replies and comments made there. So, if you write down something, be aware I will read it. It only is not in my options that I always give a reply back. Sometimes, I take a moment to answer many of you, like what you say or do. But often I don’t have the time and it is more like the newschannel for me – it is my way of connecting to all of you and tell you what I am doing. There is for sure a difference between the social media from the Guy with the Hook and the person behind this title. As the book Journey holds my personal name – many people thought my personal social media accounts could also be added. As my personal social media is only for my closest friends, family and dear ones, I make a decision to keep it this way. So, I won’t accept any requests from people I don’t know or have a connection from the crafting business. My personal life is personal – the Guy with the Hook is a public place where I share what I like to share.
  • Copyright issues. I have made a clear announcement about copyright violation lately, and this thing is still going on. Each week there is another chart popping up at Pinterest, or a pattern is shared without my approval. These things will happen over and over and where I am able to act, I will take action. Still, this is something that has made me think a lot about future works. And for that reason, I have come up with several new things to prevent some of these issues. I for sure will explain some of these decisions soon with a new pattern coming up, so stay tuned.
  • The Guy with the Hook Shop. Recently I stopped selling kits for my patterns. This decision is also made to create more time and space once again. So, from now on, the Guy with the Hook Shop sells all digital patterns, books and leaflets where patterns from my hand are published, fun stitch markers and and some merchandise items.
  • Crochet-a-longs and Facebook groups. Many people are considering I will host new Crochet-a-longs or start a Facebook group. Please note that both things are not going to happen. With all the above rules applied, it would be weird if I started a new Crochet-a-Long as this is the most time-consuming thing to start. Sorry, I have to dissapoint you. This year will bring some amazing new things – but a CAL isn’t included. Same goes for a Facebook group. Many have asked about it or consider it as people can help each other on pattern stuff. Sure, I do understand the benefits from a group, but I also know the downside of a FB group. There must be a very strict team which rule the place – which would be in my supervision. I don’t want to let my time slip away by these things. Still, if anyone ever would start a the Guy with the Hook FB group, please make sure to notify me as I want to be aware of it. I do not forbid it, but I want to have control about my work and name.

And so far, some new rules. Nothing changes, really; I only ask some patience from all of you to do what I always do. Things are easier for me to do and keep doing by these terms. This year will hold many exciting things, which will cost time and effort, so it is essential to set some basics. Thanks for understanding…and I promise – the next post will be the reveal of something unique!


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