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Recently I discovered a lovely brand called Muud. Muud is a Danish company that makes lifestyle accessories with a deeply rooted Scandinavian mindset. I don’t often take on product reviews as I feel like I am a commercial output for our community. Still, sometimes there are things I can totally agree on, and something can bring you happiness and joy by even looking our touching it….well, with a Muud bag, this is happening. I contacted Muud a few weeks ago to ask them about their products. I wanted to make sure some things were carefully chosen and made with their material use, so I started chatting. The outcome of this chat was the huge surprise of a Saturn bag – which Muud gave me totally for free. This also means this review is sponsored. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I am enjoying my Saturn bag so much – I will share all the details with those of you who might be interested. Let’s go!

Muud creates different bags, cases, and storage items from leather. They are often used for hairdressers, but I feel the knitting and crochet community slowly started to use Muud bags even more to store all your crafting supplies, yarn, and projects. For that reason, they now have a complete knitting and crochet inventory line with different-sized bags. They come in all forms and sizes. Still, I felt the Saturn was my number one when I chose – partly because I really like the cylinder-shaped form. In addition, the Saturn has a great height which makes it perfect for storing a lot of balls of yarn in. And to make things even more fun, on the top sides in and out are different storage sections sewed to put in needles, scissors, ballpoints, knitting needles, and crochet needles. Above, you see detail about the outer storage departments; below, you can see how you can divide the inside of the Saturn bag.

So far, the storage and space Saturn offers. Next, let’s talk about quality. One thing which was extremely important to me – was the quality and production process of the leather used for the items of Muud. All items are manufactured in their own factory in India. In this factory, they offer European standards for the employees, which is an excellent thing as these terms are much better when it comes to salary and hours of work in a day – in compensation to the standard in India. The leather used for the products of Muud comes from milk cows that we’re able to walk their entire life freely – instead of being secured in a cage for milk production. Once the cow dies a natural death or has a condition, the skin will be used by Muud, and the meat will go to the butcher. Usually, the cow’s coat will go to the butcher, who typically throws it away as it is a side-product with no use. It would be burned or destroyed. When treating the leather for the products, they are conscientious and even use unique supplies transported from Germany to India. They test all leather to check if no harmful materials are used and even joined the Leather Working Group, which stands for better treatment and work in the leather industry.

Muud bags are made from a high-quality standard, as you now know. The leather is very flexible and can endure heat very well. As the items are made for use – the leather can last many influences as it is customary to take your bag with you – wherever you would go. Muud also gives two different options in colors to their products. There is black, and Whiskey is the color you see in my photos. I also might slightly prefer Whiskey as it feels more natural for me – and I like the color name as it reminds me of the Highlands. 🙂 Of course, the color option is a personal thing. And if your bag would change due to the time, light, and use of it – Muud also offers kits to clean the leather and regain the colors of the leather.

Well, so far, all the details about the Muud Saturn bag. In a review, I always find the meaning of someone in person the most important. And so, here is mine. I have had this bag in use for a few weeks, and I absolutely love it. Before I got it, my concern lay in the production of the bags – due to the leather industry and the treatment of animals and employees. Luckily – Muud is a company that can be an example of how a company in this business nowadays can bring a beautiful product into the world in a good way. Once you touch the bag, you will feel how very well the leather is treated, and the smell of it is also something I can genuinely advise you to take in. When using the bag, you also will notice it gets more flexible and comfortable from the moment you start using it. Things like zippers and sewing details are well done, and everything is well worked. I really can’t tell you anything wrong or negative about it so far. It will be more accurate than I will also start buying some more items from Muud in the future as they also have significant needle cases and more prominent – or more minor types of bags.

If you like to discover Muud yourself, visit their website full of information and products by clicking on their logo above. As told, they are a Danish company, and so this is their own website based in Denmark. They have many, many retailers of their products, and it might be your own country that might have a Muud dealer already in the meantime. This information can also be found on their website.

And to close this review, I have some great news! Muud is a very kind company as they also told me I can give away one Muud Saturn bag in your own choice of color. I will start this giveaway by the end of this week on my social media. So keep following my Facebook or Instagram page to stay up to date; I will soon explain how you can enter and be a part of this giveaway!


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  1. Oh wat is ie toch mooi!
    Ik ben het helemaal met je eens. Ook ik ben gevallen voor Muud en heb de mooie Saturn. Deze zal zeker niet mijn laatste Muud item zijn🙏🏻


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