Morpho Mania pattern out now…

“My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies.” One of the greatest artists once sang this lyric, and the phase has been with me for a long time now. It says so much on a personal level - but even more about the butterfly itself as this little creature of nature is so fascinating... Lees verder →

Nirvana crochet pattern out now !…

It is time to release my last pattern for now. And it even is a bit sooner then expected. Sometimes private matters take you up to make decisions which suits you best. I was planning on releasing this pattern on my birthday which is May 14th, however as a new home is approaching fast it... Lees verder →

Simy’s Year of Mandalas : August

Finally i can tell you a little secret ! I was asked by Simy Somer from Simy's Studio to create her August Mandala : Lotus Blooms. Of course a theme that suits me very well as i love Lotus flowers and even created a pattern  last year called the Lotus & Blossom mandala.  But that is... Lees verder →

A new project in progress…

After the big blast of the Terrazzo tablerunner and all around it, it is time to move on and start on a new journey. On my desk lies a little notebook full of pencil notes that involves a lot of things. Many of them are crochet related and are ideas or even already half written patterns... Lees verder →

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