A new project in progress…


After the big blast of the Terrazzo tablerunner and all around it, it is time to move on and start on a new journey. On my desk lies a little notebook full of pencil notes that involves a lot of things. Many of them are crochet related and are ideas or even already half written patterns that i came up with some day. Normally i write those things down for a later moment so that i can work it out or give it another look and come to the conclusion that is was a bad idea. Lately i didn’t have the time to do anything with it as i was busy working on the Nomad by Fate wrap and the Terrazzo so my time was limited. Now my hands are free again and i can play and fool around with a pattern that is already for a long time in my notebook.

My visit to Japan last year gave me so many ideas just as the crocheted origami cranes pattern that my notebook is filled with lots of Asian influenced ideas. So is this one which i came up with when i was in Sakura at the lotus lake. A huge area of water, lotus flowers and the green of their leaves. Such a beauty for the eye but also as an inspiration to work with. But Japan in spring time also holds lots of pink blossom trees as i think is well-known by many people as it is pointed out as one of the best times to visit Japan. These two things i combined in a pattern i called Lotus & Blossoms. But the notes i wrote down last year are a bit fuzzy and hard to understand later on so it took some time to rearrange it.


First of all i started on picking the colors and i came up with the colors of a lotus flower. The light and dark green that holds the bottom part of the lotus and the white to pink part for the leaves. When this part was done i made a test crochet in these colours but i didn’t feel really great about it.


As i loved the color arrangement together, i thought it were too many colors in one repeat. So i decided to change that into one colour per repeat. So all started over again but the idea works better and gives it a better look. As i wrote down the pattern in a repeat section it would stay continues the same, but now after i almost finished the third repeat i think it maybe needs something else. So i think and crochet some more….explore some things of they fit or not. Just keep following me and you will see the outcome in the upcoming days….maybe weeks.



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