Lotus & Blossom mandala – the test phase…


As i  was writing a few days ago in my previous post i was working my way through designing the mandala inspired on my time in Japan, last weekend i did finish it. And it really turned out amazing. I couldn’t have thought this was the end result of the idea i had written down last year. Of course it wasn’t just there in a minute, many times i tried something new, didn’t like it and just started over again or the tension or stitches we’re bothering me. So it was a long and headbreaking thing the last weeks. But worth every minute of work.

I really love how the colors i had chosen  with Scheepjes Catona turned out as a real lotus pond, although the pink’s also suits a lovely blossom. What is great about the design is the texture in it. So much subtile front and back post crochet work which gives the result a very tight and clean look.


But of course the way to publishing a pattern to a bigger audience needs some tests. So at the moment there are five people working on a test version of this pattern. And the great thing about it is that we are gonna see very different versions of color work but also of yarn choices. As the tester are diverse in what they picked, where they come from and what they do i think it will give some suprises.  I myself are one of the five again, as i wanted to see what a Scheepjes Whirl could add to this pattern. I think this yarn with the breathtaking color changes will give the pattern even a better look. Here’s a little sneak peek :


I hope to announce soon enough the pattern is out in the world, but of course a proper test phase is necessary to complete a pattern that works. So if you are thrilled to start with this pattern, please be patient…..your waiting will be rewarded ! Keep following to see the progress of this project.


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