The Lotus & Blossom mandala pattern published NOW !….


It has been a long way full of thinking, designing, creating and in the end testing things. But it is time to put it out in the world….my Lotus & Blossom mandala crochet pattern is ready ! Tested by different people all over the world…and still some are working on wonderful versions which we may see very soon… i didn’t want to wait any longer to publish it.

It all started a few weeks ago in one of my first posts about this project. My first own version on this pattern was done and the reactions on it were overwhelming.


But how did it all begin…..

Inspired by a journey through Japan last year i made a few notes about a pattern idea that involved the sacred lotus flowers and the stunning blossom trees that is tourist visit idea number one when you go to Japan. I had an idea in my head to turn these wonderful gifts of nature into a crochet pattern. After a lot of designing and testing the end result was even beyond my imagination.

So i introduce the Lotus & Blossom mandala. A really easy-to-go pattern which has written instructions with photo highlights in it. At each row you have a photo tutorial to make things a bit more easy when you get confused along the way. But once you got the hang of this pattern, you can lay back and crochet on and on.

Every project so far made in any kind of yarn is made with a 3 mm hook.

The finished sizes of the projects are :

Finished size in Catona cotton : 75 cm/ 29.5 inches from point to point
Finished size in Scheepjes Whirl : 70 cm / 27,5 inches from point to point

UPDATE : 10/03 : I wrote a seperate blogpost about extending the mandala. In this way you could use up a total Whirl or just make it larger as it seems a lot of people wanted this.

Yarn needed :

Of course u can use any yarn you like, but for the examples are used :

6 colors of mercerized cotton – i used Scheepjes Catona in skeins of 50 grams.
Color A : – 392 lime juice ( 25 grams needed )
Color B : 512 Lime ( 45 grams needed )
Color C : 130 Old Lace ( 60 grams needed )
Color D : 255 Nude ( 90 grams needed )
Color E : 408 Old Rose ( 55 grams needed )
Color F : 264 Light Coral ( 40 grams needed )

Or take a Scheepjes Whirl with a length of 1000 meters and a weight of 215 – 225 grams. You can just work your way through the pattern without colour changing. The pattern is written for both ways as it gives the option for the color changes and working with one thread.You only have to make the modified when using a Whirl because you will use more yarn. See the notes about it in the pattern. When finished you will have 30 – 50 grams left, this depends on the tension of your work.

The Whirl turns out in this way. I used a Lavenderlicious.


Stitches used in this pattern variates from sl st – tr but most of them are front-posted or back-posted. There is a written instruction of the stitches, however if this not enough to make them i refer to the internet. It are common stitches which can be found all over the internet with tutorials. All stitches are in US/European measurements.

The pattern contains a printfriendly version also without any pictures. (only on Ravelry )

The pattern is tested carefully by five different testers.

The pattern is now available in a Persian, Swedish, Danish and German translation also. The German version is provided by Christina Berberich. The Swedish translation is made by Johanna Lindahl from Mijo Crochet. The Danish version is translated by Line Lykholt.

The pattern is on sale on Ravelry in my store, which you can find here.

If you don’t have the option to buy it on Ravelry, you can also buy it in my Etsy store : Engimono gifts.

I have made the choice to ask a little fee for this pattern. As i want to share as much as i can with a larger audience for free , i had the feeling i had to ask it as there is a lot of work, time and yarn in this project. As i am not sponsored or what so ever i also have to spend money on yarn to create beautiful things. I find it hard to write down, but i want to be honest with each and every person and to understand them why i do what i do.

Then there is a big thanks to my testers so far. They did a great job on testing this pattern and keep me away from lots of mistakes and language stuff. So check them out and see what they created on my pattern. Each tester did choose a different kind of color or yarn and so it is amazing to see what came out of it. There will be more names in the future as not all the testers have finished yet.

Dutch Silence – check here Instagram out for a Unikat version of it.

Hannah Maskell – check here Instagram on the progress on a Whirl version other then mine.

Claire Norden – check here Instagram on a blue cotton version or check out her website.



All copyrights and terms of use are with me. So please do not copy, share or take advantage of this pattern. If noted, legal actions are taken by the designer.


Feel free to sell made items out of this pattern. I would love if you tag or make a reference to me as a designer when showing your wip’s or finished projects. Please use the #lotusandblossommandala on social media to share this pattern all in one simple search.


Last but not least, thank you so much for buying and making this pattern. A lot of effort, time and creativity are in this little piece of art and every single thing that comes out of it makes it so worth all the work.



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    1. Hoi Yvonne,

      Ja, alleen kan er echt geen tijdstip aan geven. Het vertalen lost enorm veel tijd en op dit moment zit mijn “haak” agenda echt overvol. Ik hoop dan ook de komende weken dit aan een “vertaler” over te dragen zodat de nederlandse versie er hopelijk wat sneller zal zijn dan dat ik het zelf moet doen.

      Mvg. Mark


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