Morpho Mania pattern out now…

“My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies.”

One of the greatest artists once sang this lyric, and the phase has been with me for a long time now. It says so much on a personal level – but even more about the butterfly itself as this little creature of nature is so fascinating and actually a big example of how life can be. We evolve through certain experiences in life, just as the butterfly starts as a little caterpillar. But how fascinating is the butterfly? When you look in detail, it is amazing what you see in colors, patterns, and structures. From that point, I had the craving to make a butterfly-related pattern, not knowing I would end up with three different patterns. I created three different, small patterns – all on different types of butterflies. The blue version is based on the Blue Morpho, the yellow version is based on the Yellow Papillion, and the green version is based on the Green Graphite butterfly.

Some general information about the pattern:

I also have yarn kits available for this pattern, please check them here.

  • crocheted with Scheepjes Catona in different colors and amounts.
 Blue Morpho mandala:Yellow Papillion mandala:Green Graphium mandala:Amount needed:
Color A105 Bridal White105 Bridal White105 Bridal White30-35 grams
Color B385 Crystalline101 Candle Light392 Lime Juice10-15 grams
Color C146 Vivid Blue522 Primrose512 Lime10-15 grams
Color D400 Petrol Blue208 Yellow Gold412 Forest Green15-20 grams
Color E110 Jet Black110 Jet Black110 Jet Black20-25 grams

The amounts above include one butterfly for each mandala.

  • crocheted with a crochet hook size 3.0mm.
  • the pattern holds instructions for all three mandalas and a very detailed explanation of creating the butterfly.
  • the mandalas will all have a size of about 30-35 cm, depending on gauge and tension. The use of rings to crochet them into is an option but no must. When using rings, make sure to decide their size after crocheting the mandalas, as the exact size can be a bit off.
  • the pattern is available in English (US) and Dutch. Tineke Tap translated the Dutch language.
  • the pattern is tested by Tineke Tap and Wendy de Vries.
  • the pattern holds written instructions and a lot of photos to guide you.
  • pattern us build up out of regular stitches all out of the standard terms.

And now the most important thing- where to get the pattern:

As always it is on Ravelry – click here.

Etsy is also an option ! – click here.


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  1. So excited to arrive home to the lovely goodies I ordered including this kit, and the continued anticipation of your book release in September. Happy Friday to me after a long day at work and commute. Thank you ever so much for your creativity and generosity. You rock!


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