Nirvana crochet pattern out now !…

It is time to release my last pattern for now. And it even is a bit sooner then expected. Sometimes private matters take you up to make decisions which suits you best. I was planning on releasing this pattern on my birthday which is May 14th, however as a new home is approaching fast it was easier to move the release date of this pattern up so my crochet related things can be closed off for now. Of course, no big deal as nothing was depending on it and it is just a pattern : )

Let’s start off by introducing this pattern. I called the pattern Nirvana which is a very well chosen name from my side. Nirvana means in religion the highest state of life, the place where birth and death come together in a peaceful place of rest. The ultimate destiny we can wish for in life. As the pattern is, it is a circle of end and begin and a never-ending cyclus.As this pattern was for me personally a last one for a while it felt like I reached my highest state of designing. And when you reach that point it is actually a good time to lay down everything and enjoy the silence, rest and see what your actions and decisions caused along the way. Overthink things that happened and which things worked and didn’t worked for me as a person. How I can shape a future where my designing can bring mostly joy and happiness. Where I can create a comfort zone where I still can bring inspiration and some comfort without all the negative taking over. All subjects which I will progress over the next months with a still unknown outcome but that is alright. It is good to sometimes step back for a while and re-discover things. As long as you take lessons from steps that are already made. One thing that always will stay is our common crafts – knitting and crochet. And one big benefit from that is that they always take your mind of matters you worry about. Like a safe zone where you can just focus on your yarn and the whole big world around you doesn’t excist for a while. Especially this pattern – Nirvana, will bring that as it is such a meditative, repeative pattern. Just take a nice yarn cake which colors suits you and crochet away.

As the background of the pattern is told, it is time for more practical issues so here are some details you need to know about the pattern :

  • The pattern has two options. One is a option to crochet it as a mandala but without framing it. This version will become a bit smaller. The other version is a option to crochet a mandala and attaching it into a ring after. This version is larger and requires some more yarn.
  • For a regular version of the pattern without capturing it in a ring you will need 1 Scheepjes Whirl which comes in a ball of 215-225 grams with a length of 1000 meters (1094 yards). The thread is made of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. For the yellow-red-blue version I used color number 776 Rosewater Cocktail. However, if you like to capture the pattern in a ring like as I also did – for a ring with a diameter of 100cm/40 inches you will need 1 Scheepjes Whirl and a Scheepjes Whirlette. The Whirlette is needed to extend the pattern a bit and to attach the mandala in the ring. For my example in the ring I used Whirl colorway 754 Green Tea Tipple and Whirlette colorway 865 Chewy. The Whirlette has the same conditions as a Whirl, it only comes in balls of 100 grams. For my example I worked up the Whirl from the outside to the inside and after it was done, I attached the Whirlette to extend the last color of the ball.

For all fellow Dutchies (and maybe other European citizens) I recommend buying Scheepjes Whirls from Caro’s Atelier. If you buy something through this link here, you also support me with it and it doesn’t cost a penny more for your side.

  • if you want to make a ring version you will need a iron/wooden ring with a diameter of 100cm/40inches.
  • the pattern is crocheted with a crochet hook size 3,0mm
  • the finished measurements of a mandala without ring will be approx. 80 cm/ 31.5 inches. The ringed version will be 100 cm/40 inches.
  • stitch use in this pattern contains all regular stitches from ss up to dtr. There is also some back post and front post stitches involved.
  • the pattern holds very clear photo instructions for the Rounds in the pattern, as well for placing it into a ring. There are NO charts or videos for this pattern available.
  • I would not suggest to extend the pattern after the last repeat section, as the pattern is very complicated when it comes to the math for it. I would suggest taking a thicker yarn sooner to make it larger rather than extending it by more repeat sections. Besides that, the tension of the mandala is going off pretty much if you would do this. With a yarn type for a crochet hook size 5,0mm you easily reach a width of 150cm/60 inches, so that is a better option for a better end result.

Well last thing to mention is where to get the pattern ! The pattern is available in English (US terms), Dutch, German, Finnish and Swedish on my regular online shops. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy. Please pick your right language on Etsy before buying it as each language is listed individually there. I also want to thank all of my members of my team for testing and translating this pattern once again. More languages will follow but for now, Tineke Tap, Päivi Virtanen, Anna Nilson and Christina Berberich, a big thanks to you.

Well so far Nirvana. No panic if you can’t catch up anymore with all these new patterns anymore. This was the last one for now and the next months there will be no new work from my side. I’ll keep crocheting on personal level which I keep sharing and posting, so stay tuned along the way. Thanks for everything so far and all the kind words, belief, encouragement and positivity many of you have expressed. I have seen all, but it is sometimes just too much to answer or reply. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it, so again…thank you. To close this blog off, some more photos of this amazing project !


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  1. Hi Guy with a Hook,

    Oh you have bought me so much pleasure with your patterns, they are the best.

    Please, please don’t stop looking around for inspiration and finding new things to ‘pattern’ for us dedicated Hook followers.

    I love you work, I have now completed two of your beautiful, wonderful colourful Spice Markets. It was a joy to do and kept my mind busy in isolation and lock down. I have just order 71 balls of wool for your equally gorgeous Hydra blanket. SO that should hopefully see me through the next few weeks. I have also tackled your beautiful Biscornu’s, love the black and subtly changes in the sunshine and gold colours is delightful – all my friends want one now!!

    I have to contragulate you on your pattern writing, nothing is too difficult, well some things are challenging, but you pictures and explanations are better than any patterns I have ever done. The are so detailed, and make it easy to attempt. The Spice Market was wonderful, each round was a startling cover the lanterns, the architecture, I love the way you give the explanation for your patterns and the inspiration behind them. The Spice Blanket that I did for my poorly friend, I hand wrote up your inspirational notes and gave it to her as well. She was delighted and said it made it extra special, and she could see in the blanket the colours of the markets, she had visited and would bring so many happy memories for you, overtime she wraps it around her legs in the evenings. So thank you, gorgeous man and crocheter, Thank you, Thank You..

    Love from the UK, fellow crocheters everywhere and me of course.

    Jackie xx

    So now I am blessed because you have popped another one into my mail box. >

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  2. So many wonderful patterns, and I am lucky enough to have been able to complete quite a few, thanks to your clear instructions!

    I have one question about the Nirvana pattern, though: do you crochet the continues ball of the swirl, or separate/eliminate some/certain sections? Your answer will be greatly appreciated!

    Best of luck on your move, stay healthy!



  3. Thank you, this is such a stunning pattern and I can’t wait to get started! In was wondering if you could share where you got the ring that large? I haven’t been able to find one above 50cm.


    1. Well I bought mine in a local craftstore here in the Netherlands. It is called Hobbydoos. But they only ship in land so probably most of you are not helped with this.


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