Soldier on…

It has been already four months ago since I wrote a blog post. Something I often did as I really like writing down some stuff once in a while as it is always a good thing to ventilate your thoughts and feelings by writing them down. But I decided I really needed a break from everything my blog was involved about. Why isn’t something I have to tell any longer as I feel everything involving this whole issue is out and well known by most of my Spice Market contestants. It is also something I am not going to discuss again and for me that is a chapter in life that is closed. You need to go on and give things a place and take lessons from it.

So I did and where there still was a long list of new patterns to publish this year as there was a lot of new work on the shelves, I decided to take a huge break from all crochet and designing work. In fact, I stopped in January this year already and only uploaded the new patterns one by one. And it was a good decision to make as it really gave the silence and rest i so craved for. I made decisions and took steps to also take all pressure of my shoulders and it delivered me the healing I needed from all the hate and anger I had to take in.

What also happened was something that was planned, but not sure yet. To find a new place to live with a green environment. Suddenly by the end of April it was there and the option was mine to take it or not. And well, three months later I’m sitting here in my chair, looking outside into my garden full of flowers and leaves. Here is a photo I shot yesterday of one of my prettiest plants.

It took some time to move over, find your way and solve every loose end but being busy with anything else besides designing or crafting was also a comforting process for once in a while. It made a reset in my mind to start over without taking all history along with it. Still, if I see finished Spice Market’s coming by on social media it reminds of certain things, I still can’t feel much love for the design I created with so much passion, but I can also move on without feeling sad about it. I only feel I need to overgrow this and even hit back harder.

So I think it is safe to say I will come back. At the moment I share the theme : “walk down memory lane with the Guy with the Hook” on my socials. And this is what I will keep doing for now. It is amazing to dig up older patterns and tell the story behind its creation to all of you. And it seems you pretty much like these stories as they let you see how much detail and ideas are behind designs from my hand. This also give me time to still enjoy some summertime, regain energy and pick up my crojo slowly. Next year will be probably the first official moment I will come back with hopefully some new work.

I took up my crochet hook and some balls of yarn two weeks ago to see how it felt and if I could make something out of it. It felt just like the moment I started designing and came up with the Lotus and Blossom mandala. Just starting with a hook and some yarn and see what comes out of it. And within a few days there was something there. Something pretty different from my side and something refreshing. Something not everyone might like, but the meaning, symbolism and idea behind it will touch you all.

After you might have read this I’m sure you’re dying to know what it is. I’m gonna hold the secret a little longer as along with some team members we just started this up to work all things out. I will reveal this secret somewhere this month when I have everything ready to announce. Can you already guess what it will be ? Above here is a small hint what to expect, although the image will not give any details away yet. So keep an eye out over next weeks, enjoy summer and vacations….and stay safe ! As the world is still a strange place with lots of health problems going on in certain countries. This secret is also created out of the months that are behind it with all its problems in it globally. A Dutch rock band named Di-rect wrote a song called “Soldier On”. A song which wasn’t meant to be an anthem due uncertain times but it became one during the last months. For me its more than a comforting song to hold during times the world seems to be on fire in many ways…for me personally it also is a song that gives me power to reclaim that hook and soldier on.


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  1. Hi from Sweden!!
    So nice to hear from you again!
    Lovely to read in your blog again and it made me so happy and so happy for you… that you feel better!
    I look curious forward to what the future will bring… I really love all your patterns! They are ao lovely!
    You also give me a bit of my lovely Nederlands the place I have been to so many times and lived and worked in. I always loved Nederlands and always gonna do, it’s has a BIG place in my heart.
    Stay safe, you too!
    Take care
    Regards from Caroline


  2. Hi from Aruba
    Can’t wait to see your new creation.
    I am happy that you could give de spice market a place and that you find your own safe place. Enjoy it!
    Take up the hook and go !
    I love you and your patterns very much. 💜💜
    All the best from the West,


  3. Loved your blog! It’s refreshing to know that something’s that are so simple can bring us so much pleasure. The world is in a strange place at the moment and to see and hear that something beautiful can help in ones life is heartwarming. I have loved reading your beautiful memories and look forward to the memories that you make for the future. Take care. I love your work. ❤️❤️


  4. So great to see you’re back. I’m ahuge fan of your blog and your work, and it was a huge loss to the community when you took a step back, even though it was the best thing for you to do. Looking forward to more of your amazing creations.


  5. I came across your beautiful pattern by a happy accident. Clicking on this site, I was take here to read a bit of your personal story. Sometimes it is painful for me to be an Empath as I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face. The pain you have endured is tangible. I hurt for you. I do not understand why some individuals delight in sending out destructive behavior to good people. But one thing I do know,?what goes around comes around “. You are sending out love and beauty and it is evident by the responses I am reading that you are cared about.
    I am looking forward to getting to know you through a mutual love of crochet. Bless you always. Stay say and, indeed, “Soldier On”. Let beauty rise above ugly.
    Texas, USA


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