The Lotus & Blossom mandala extension part and a color picking list for the Medina Mosaic Tiles…


Lately i had some private messages about two related subjects, and as i really love chatting with the people who work with my patterns i also find it important that all information is available. The two subjects involve two of my recent designs : The Medina Mosaic Tiles and the Lotus & Blossom mandala.

First let’s start with the Medina Mosaic Tiles as this will be the easiest part to do. A question that i did get a lot of times is if i have a total yarn amount of what is needed to make the Medina Mosaic Tiles. As i thought i would do it individually for each square so you guys could make own choices and combinations, most of you seem to love sticking to the pattern as it is. Which i think is a huge compliment for me. So thank you !

Anyhow, i have a list of total amounts available for you. Here it is :

In Scheepjes Catona ( comes in 10, 25 and 50 grams balls )

10 x 110 jet black 50 grams
1x 101 candle light 10 grams
1 x 522 primrose 10 grams
1 x 208 yellow gold 25 grams
1 x 249 saffron 10 grams
1 x 404 english tea 10 grams
1 x 179 topaz 25 grams
1 x 383 ginger gold 50 grams
1 x 157 root beer 10 grams
1 x 253 tropic 10 grams
1 x 514 jade 25 grams
1 x 391 deep ocean green 50 grams
1 x 525 fir 10 grams
1 x 403 lemonade 10 grams
1 x 411 sweet orange 10 grams
1 x 281 tangerine 25 grams
1 x 388 rust 10 grams
1 x 146 vivid blue 25 grams
1 x 400 petrol blue 50 grams
1 x 201 electric blue 50 grams
1 x 124 ultramarine 25 grams
1 x 105 bridal white 25 grams


Then the second subject which i think is really important to write down. Extending the Lotus & Blossom mandala. As many people asked i think i have to write it down properly without giving away the pattern. I can imagine when you work with a type of yarn like Scheepjes Whirl it is a shame you can’t use it in total. Or maybe you like the mandala just to be a bit larger to fit your table. Well here is how to do it :

The pattern doubles every time it is repeated.  That is the base you have to work from. When you want to do extend it , just make it up til row 25 of the pattern. After that the pattern changes, but if you like to make another repeat, first crochet row 19 but instead of repeating it 10 times, make it 20 repeats.

After that you can just crochet the repeat section from row 20 to 25, but double the repeat parts. So 20 repeats become 40 repeats.

Take note that after any 20 -25 extending part you need to crochet a row 19 with multiplied repeating. And so you could go on and on. Just working 20 to 25, closing it with a row 19.

After you are done extending this part of the mandala, you can just continue with row 26, but depending on the amount of repeating you added you also have to add more repeats to the next rows to. So for example if you added one more repeat after row 25, and you’ve made 40 lotus leafs and blossom parts, you also have to repeat the rows from 25 to 37 – 40 times.

Maybe it is a bit confusing but just use the row numbers i gave and you will see that with the repeat parts in them it works out fine. The key to this lies in the amount of repeating them. It is just doing some math.

Enjoy it !




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  1. Thank you so much for posting the colour quantities needed to make your version of the Mosaic Tiles pattern. I’m happy that you’re pleased so many people want to make it exactly like you did… it’s spectacular! I’m planning to make one just like yours too. Beautiful design – thank you so much.


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