Color inspirations October 2018…

I get a lot of private messages with a single related subject. How do you pick colors ? Well first of all…there isn’t really a trick for that and i guess it mostly comes down to intuition and a bit of feeling you must have. But a lot of times a reference does help you getting a direction to what you want. Most of the time i have an idea in my head with a certain theme and i collect some images from it. I look what colors are in it and i start collecting them together.

But… make life so much easier i started the #theguywiththehookcolorinspirations in which i share every week one color inspiration which you can use to just getting inspired or really apply it to your projects. Every week i post a new one on my social media accounts and at the end of the month i will make a recap from them here on my blog. So let’s see what October 2018 brought us.

file-11 (3)

First of all i started with the “Morpho” . This vivid blue butterfly is one of my favourites and it seems i wasn’t the only one. With this first inspiration i asked you guys if you would like to see more of these and the answer was yes !

file-11 (2)

And as you all liked i posted the second right after it. The festival of light which is a famous happening in India inspires me also to us a lot of bright and yellow colors. For each color inspiration i make, i pick a random yarn type. Of course this is just optional as colors are random, whatever yarn you choose.


The third one of this month was my most favourite of all times. The Northern lights. I chose a more green/blue version because the new Scheepjes yarn Namaste was fitting perfect for this picture, however adding some deep purples or even a pink gives the final touch to it as a real northern light have more colors than this pic shows.


The fourth is a special one as i made this one recently. And it is gonna be used very soon in a new project that is scheduled. So im not telling so much about it. Only that these together contains one of my favourite color combinations.

If you like to see all color inspirations right away when they come online, make sure you follow my Instagram or Facebook account.


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