Color inspirations December 2018

And here are the color inspirations of last month. As promised they were all holiday related, so Christmas themes and New year's Eve where of course used for these. The first of this month was of course the Gifts inspiration. As we are all busy at the beginning of the month collecting nice gifts and... Lees verder →

Color Inspiration November 2018…

Time goes fast these days ! Another month gone and that means i have posted four new Color Inspirations from me (theguywiththehook) hand. As i also told last month, i collect them each month here on my blog so they will be stored and always available to look at anytime you like. So here they... Lees verder →

Color inspirations October 2018…

I get a lot of private messages with a single related subject. How do you pick colors ? Well first of all...there isn't really a trick for that and i guess it mostly comes down to intuition and a bit of feeling you must have. But a lot of times a reference does help you... Lees verder →

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