Color Inspiration November 2018…

Time goes fast these days ! Another month gone and that means i have posted four new Color Inspirations from me (theguywiththehook) hand.

As i also told last month, i collect them each month here on my blog so they will be stored and always available to look at anytime you like. So here they are :


The first one last month was the Pumpkin Spices inspiration with the beautiful Scheepjes Stonewashed. As it was getting really wet and cold that week i was craving for some autumn spices. So the theme perfectly matched the weather at that time. The Stonewashed yarns have that really oldish look which suits so perfect for autumn inspired projects.


Second one of last month was the Macaron. As Nespresso released their special seasonal editions coffee flavours this year which was Macaron and Praline, i just couldn’t resist making a inspiration for Macarons. This typical French sweetness comes in a lot of bright and fun colors, so the inspiration as well. However, i also love to combine some pastel color to some brighter and vivid ones i really loved using the Scheepjes Cotton 8 for it as its colorrange has this.


The third was actually a very easy one as i didn’t have to do a lot. The yarn does all the work for me as i was inspired by the new Scheepjes Ombre Whirls which have a marvelous color change in them. But i thought of giving an example how to combine these as they really match together.


The fourth inspiration was a real all-time favourite i think. The vintage Italian doorway view, translated into the rusty and wooly look of Scheepjes Riverwashed yarns. Not only for me but as well for many others this was a favourite.

So enjoy these lovely new color inspirations and if you like to see new ones each week instead of catching up here on my blog, just follow my social media. Of course next month we have the holiday season coming up so each color inspiration contains a bit of Christmas !


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