Color inspirations December 2018

And here are the color inspirations of last month. As promised they were all holiday related, so Christmas themes and New year’s Eve where of course used for these.

The first of this month was of course the Gifts inspiration. As we are all busy at the beginning of the month collecting nice gifts and wrap them up in the most shiny and glittery papers i thought this was just the perfect theme to use. I picked the Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat for it as yarn choice as this yarn is very thin and shiny which reminds me of the cutest and finest gift decoration you could make with it.

Next week we had a more traditional one in my opinion. Of course the Christmas tree couldn’t miss in this months inspirations. As i am type of guy who likes more traditional, solid and colder colorchoices i think this was my favourite christmas tree photo. And i choose the Scheepjes Merino Soft as this is a real premium and luxurious yarntype which has a really soft and rich thread.

And in the week before Christmas it was time for Santa and his reindeers. Although i took the frosty moon more as a colorinspiration it still has a touch of Christmas right ? The Our Tribe yarns were just perfect to create this mystical nightview come to life in yarn as they keep such great solid and blended colorchoices.

And the last one of this year was of course the Fireworks. No need to add some information for this one as it was the most common thing to do. I picked the Scheepjes Stardust as a yarn choice cause there is a little sparkle in this thread which reminds me of sparkling fireworks.

These were the last color inspirations for this year. However, there will be no new ones for a while in the new year. They will come back, i promise but for now i have made plenty enough to bring out some inspiration to all of you. My attention and time are needed for other things at the moment so making choices is part of the job i guess: )


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