Rudolph’s Stocking…

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New post about a real fun and new project that is done ! It is Rudolph’s Stocking which is of course  a Christmas related stocking with which you can decorate your fireplace just perfectly this Christmas. This wonderful pattern is to find in the new Scheepjes YARN bookazine : Folk edition. A lovely new edition full with 17 pattern which variant from dresses to socks.

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About a week ago the new bookazine is released and mine arrived just a day after. It is always a party when you find these kind of things in your mailbox after a long and hard day of work. As i was asked to make one of the patterns out of this new bookazine i immediately started looking and searching for the thing i wanted to pick. And a hard choice it is as there are so many beautiful patterns in it. But i felt Rudolph’s Stocking was the thing for me. With Christmas just before our doorstep and the fair isle techniques i love so much i knew this was the one for me.

So next was picking colors for this stocking as i wanted to add my own color choice to it. And as i had just made the last colorinspiration for the month October it couldn’t fit better as i found that inspiration perfect for the stocking. The colors i used for my version were :

Scheepjes Colour Crafter :

  • 1001 Weert
  • 1709 Burum
  • 1256 the Hague
  • 1711 Leeuwarden
  • 1422 Eelde
  • 2012 Knokke
  • 1829 Wilnis
  • 1002 Eelde
  • 1054 Haarlem

You will need 1 ball of each and of course you won’t use each ball entirely so you could even knit more stockings out of this balls if you prefer more to give one to each of your grandchildren, kids or maybe friends.

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As soon as i got the yarn in stock, i started knitting the pattern. As i am a bit of a old-fashioned guy i always knit on dpn needles instead of circular, but of course both are fine and possible. And as i started it went so fast. In less than four hours i knitted the tow, foot and heel. And the results started to look so much fun with these vibrant colors as you can see above.

After knitting another Saturday night with some gin-tonics and some Netflix on the side i came to the conclusion i knitted the entire leg part as well which contains over 100 Rows of charts. But i love the result so much. Of course you really need to block your stocking a bit before it is done as it can become a bit wobbly after knitting it.

file1-2 (2)

I love the colors so much how they blended together in a good way and really turn up the stocking to my own version. And i learned something out of this all as well as this is my first toe-up sock ! Never too old to learn something new right ?

If your interested in the pattern or all other 16 which are in the bookazine you can find it on Raverly Here you can take a closer look at them. The bookazine you can buy at most Scheepjes dealers out there, as well the Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn which is a fine acrylic yarn to make this stocking.

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