Finding Balance…

It is time to write an update about my personal life today. It has been a while since I wrote a post about how i have to deal with a depression and a burn-out over the last months. And the last post was already a turning point where thing we're going better but there where... Lees verder →

A crochet tribute to Freddie…

When times in life are hard and dark you search for thing that enlighten your soul or body. As I have been a fan for years of Freddie Mercury/Queen i already knew most of their music very well. Strangely the last couple of months i started to listen more and more to these guys. It... Lees verder →

The Tibet Tiles is out now !…

It is finally time to tell the Tibet Tiles crochet pattern is out now ! You can't imagine how much joy it brings me to finally announce this pattern as I was thrilled to publish it these last days. This pattern had a long and hard road to get it here, which you can also... Lees verder →

Color inspirations December 2018

And here are the color inspirations of last month. As promised they were all holiday related, so Christmas themes and New year's Eve where of course used for these. The first of this month was of course the Gifts inspiration. As we are all busy at the beginning of the month collecting nice gifts and... Lees verder →

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