A Spicy donation to Australia…

Again thank you all for the massive response and kindness you have shown me. What a rollercoaster of a week it was ! I’m glad some rest and calm has returned to my life and I intend to keep this for a while. Picking up my hook will definitely be one of the things I will do in that time…and maybe….I don’t promise anything….I will show something once in a while. As with everything in life the best therapy is to focus on the good and new stuff, and let the bad and old behind you. Saying that….I have some news left to share.

As last days some kind of virtual resistance have been put out, with it there was a huge amount of you all who just felt the need to buy the Spice Market pattern to take a stand or support me. For that I am so glad and it made the pattern in a week time a trending one. Despite my own feelings about the pattern which stay, I think I always made clear that money isn’t the drive for my work. That’s why I never put a higher price on my designs as I feel it still have to be able for each and everyone to purchase one of my patterns…and of course I’ll provide free ones as well.

So talking about money….I felt the amount of money raised with the Spice Market pattern had to be used in a decent way. Of course i’ll keep a part myself to cover the costs of the CAL/taxes and invest on a life as independent crochet designer without having the issue to include your name to what so ever to be able to get your patterns out…this is my new goal for this year as the Spice Market cancelation has made me think what to improve for myself to still continue my work in a way that works for me. But there was enough to do do some other good things.

We all have seen the horrifying images and news of the fires in Australia. I don’t think I have to explain any further about it as we are all up to date about it. As many wildlife and nature has suffered so much from these fires, I decided to donate a $1000 dollars to the WWF Australia from your Spice Market purchases. In this way we all have contributed to preserve our world and nature. Just a small step for rebuilding our planet. Thank you all for giving me the thought and option to do this. We can turn something bad into a good thing.

In the photo you can find the official confirmation of the donation made by me The Guy with the Hook a.k.a Mark Roseboom

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  1. Wat geweldig, het is een super mooie deken en het was een schande wat er gaande was. U heeft het negatieve dingen super omgezet in het positieve ❤️❤️❤️ en het geeft mij ook een goed gevoel dat ik mede u heb kunnen helpen en het wnf 😘


  2. Its hard to find the right words been reading your posts and its really sad that ppl are so nasty and ruin your life whit envy and hatred.
    But im afraid this is a trend that is impossible to stop and growing on social platform’s sadly.
    I hope you continue to show your work and wonderful color compositons.
    If you ever get past this and want to make a CAL again, make a closed grp on FB and its easy to block ppl. Dont let them win !

    This donation show How much you care and Thank you.

    Regards from Denmark


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