The walk down memory lane introduction…

After five years of designing, I have reached the milestone of creating pattern number 100! And this one will crown all the work I have done so far. Prepare for a walk down memory lane!

The year 2023 is a jubilee year for me as a crochet pattern designer. I mark the fifth anniversary; I have designed and created many beautiful ideas over these years. Some are published in flyers and magazines, and others in my books. And a considerable part of them is available online. I have created over a hundred patterns, which are still growing as we speak. So, it is time to walk down memory lane, revisit some designs, combine them, and create a new project. Some patterns you will recognize, while other designs have been less popular and will get another highlight. The fun part of this project will be that you will use patterns you perhaps already purchased in a new way, and if not – you will buy patterns that will be applied in this pattern but also can be made to create the original. A win-win situation! So, let’s get started and walk with me these next weeks to discover and create!

Some general information about the pattern:

Use of yarn in this pattern: In this pattern, I have used Scheepjes Terrazzo yarns. This yarn comes in balls of 50 grams with a length of 175 meters. The yarn comprises 70% recycled, mules-free wool and 30% recycled viscose—a sustainable yarn with a tweed look. For the original version, I used two primary colors, White and Dark Grey; I also used four sets of five colors from light to dark. This means a total of 22 colors are used for this blanket. The total amounts and color numbers can be found below. I can imagine this is a lot, and you want to use some scraps or fewer colors – which is a perfect idea! For this reason, I also wrote down the total amount of meters and grams needed.
Then there is also a particular test version- a more straightforward, basic version – to show how pretty fewer colors can work. This version I call; Tineke’s masterpiece, which you can see below.

All amounts needed for both versions can be found in the introduction PDF file, which you can download at the end of this post. A total of 3100-3200 meters of yarn are required for the blanket.

Hook size used: A 4.0mm crochet hook is used in all the pattern parts for both Terrazzo versions. A 5.0mm crochet hook is used for the border.

Size: The measurement of the blanket will be 165 x 165 cm / 65 x 65 inches.

Language and where to get: The pattern will be uploaded in English (US terms) and Dutch. The instruction guides existing out of this introduction and nine Parts to work with over the weeks will be available for free on my website – take note that the guide is free – the patterns used are not and will be offered at huge discounts during this project.


Ravelry removed the pattern page for the walk down memory lane as they feel it is not a pattern. As it includes other designs, they say it isn’t a new, authentic published file. For that reason they removed it. Until further notice the introduction and files will therefore only available through my own website. Sorry for the inconvenience and I am really upset about this as they are just being childish in this matter.

This pattern is an instruction guide on how you will work your way through parts of different designs and connect them. The following patterns are used to build up this blanket:

You could make this blanket entirely for free if you already have these patterns. If you don’t have some or all of them, don’t worry. All patterns used will be offered huge discounts during this project and two weeks after uploading the last part. In this way, it will be affordable for many of you, and besides this project, you also have the original patterns to create patterns.

As I intend to upload this pattern in nine parts, you can see it as a make-a-long. Each week I will upload a new Part that uses a different pattern part. The schedule of what you can expect:

Introduction of the project: April 17, 2023
Part 1 – the Spice Market: May 3, 2023
Part 2 – Alegria: May 10, 2023
Part 3 – New Life: May 17, 2023
Part 4 – Soul of the Sea blanket: May 24, 2023
Part 5 – First Biscornu patterns: May 31, 2023
Part 6 – Second Biscornu patterns: June 7, 2023
Part 7 – Combining the biscornu squares: June 14, 2023
Part 8 – Indian Flower Cushion: June 21, 2023
Part 9 – Seaside Serendipity border: June 28, 2023

Download the introduction PDF file here:


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  1. Hello,

    Congratulations on your jubilee 😊

    I am really excited by this – the blanket looks absolutely beautiful.

    Will you be sending an email on each of the dates which the various links to purchase the patterns or do we need to check on each of the dates… If there is a way to subscribe to the updates over time that would be great.

    Thanks again and take care




    1. Of course I will sent out notifications, messages, posts etc. to let you know when, what and how this works week by week:)


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