Walk down memory lane project Part 1…

It is time to kick off with the first part of the Walk down memory lane project – a blanket that is built up out of different existing patterns designed by my hand over the years. This project is a crown on all the work I have done so far these past five years. If you totally missed this project and still want to catch up with all the details and information you need before you start – you can find that information in the introduction file, which you will find here.

The first part of this project starts with the center of the blanket, which is built up out of the first three parts of the Spice Market blanket. If you use the color schedule I created, you will start by working with the green color set in combination with the base colors. Many of you already have the Spice Market pattern, but for those of you who missed it – here is a little introduction to this first used pattern.

The Spice Market was designed with in mind the Middle-Eastern marketplaces full of small businesses selling their goods – like herbs and spices. The pattern itself originally started as a Crochet-a-long – although this turned out differently. Many of you who followed me by that time know the story behind it, and for those who don’t, here is a Youtube video that is related to this story in which I explain a little of what happened and what it did to me. In the end, I made something negative in a positive, and this pattern was also used to donate a large amount of money to the bushfires in Australia during these days.

But, to get back to the first part of the Walk down memory lane project. The first part of it is made in the center of the Spice Market. I used parts 1-3 – although just a tiny part of 3 to create the center for the Walk down memory lane as well. Whether you decide to stick with my color choices or use Tineke’s masterpiece colorway, which only holds three colors, or go crazy with your own range of picked colors, stick to the instructions given in the file for the first part of the Walk down memory lane. It will not only give you directions in the used colors but also, in some parts, how to use the Spice Market pattern and even an extra Round to crochet which isn’t in the pattern.

So, I won’t keep you waiting for this first part; I only have to mention one last thing. To make the Walk down memory lane project, you do need several patterns I have created and are ready for purchase. If you had to purchase all of them, I can imagine it would become a very expensive thing to create. So, during the entire period of this project, I will weekly announce the following pattern to use and offer it with a huge discount up till two weeks after the last part is published. In this way, if you don’t have all the patterns used – it will not become an unreachable goal. For this pattern, the Spice Market pattern is used – which will be offered from $3.00 to $1.00, so you will save at least 66%! Take note that the discount is already taken off the price, and it still can variate due to different tax rates in different countries. There is also a third option, as the Spice Market was released in English for free, here on my website. So it also could be entirely free – although it isn’t downloadable and full of advertisements.

The Spice Market pattern on Ravelry

The Spice Market pattern on Etsy in English

The Spice Market pattern on Etsy in Dutch

(the Spice Market is also available in German, French, Swedish, and Spanish on Etsy – please look into the store to find separate listings for them)

The Spice Market pattern in English for free here on my website

And here is the PDF file to download for the Walk down memory lane Part 1 in English (US) and Dutch. Once again, please download the introduction file before you start with Part 1, which can be found here. My advice is to keep the Walk down memory lane instructions besides the actual pattern used to keep things clear and organized for yourself.

See you next week for Part 2!


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