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I can proudly present the New Life crochet pattern to all of you. This pattern i actually one that came out really easy as i just had the goal to take one Scheepjes Whirl and use it entirely for a project unknown. It was a nice challenge to just see what i would make out of 1000 meters of yarn. And it has turned out great ! I had an idea to make something where nature would have been involved as i loved this Sippy Sage colorway i had from the Scheepjes Whirls. So i started putting elements together and it turned out in a pattern that holds different phases beginning by planting a seed and in the end see the flowers blossom and bloom.


If you look closely to the pattern you will discover many elements in the pattern. You will find some blossom, some flowers, a lot of leafs and many lace related stitches together. I also thought it would be a fun thing to write this pattern down in way you’ll work through it in phases, each part with a small introduction to the next part. Besides the Whirl version i also made a Scheepjes Stonewashed version to see how this pattern would look in a more bulky way and with different yarntypes. I love how this has turned out and it is hard to choose which one i like more….luckily i don’t have to choose !


The picture above really shows off how beautiful both versions are and that it is really up to you what colors or yarn you choose to make it with. Of course you need to block the pattern very good in the end as it holds a lot of open stitchwork, but it is so worth it.

Of course i also have some general information about this pattern to tell :

The pattern is made in two different versions. One with the Scheepjes Whirl – the pattern is made out of one total Whirl.

The other version is made out of six different colors of Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn which you need the following amounts of :

Color A : 802 Smokey Quartz – 1 ball ( 50 grams needed )
Color B : 814 Crystal Quartz – 1 ball ( 50 grams needed )
Color C :818 Lilac Quartz – 3 balls ( 150 grams needed )
Color D :811 Deep Amethyst – 2 balls ( 80 grams needed )
Color E : 830 Lepidolite – 3 balls ( 150 grams needed )
Color F : 803 Black Onyx – 3 balls ( 115 grams needed )

Pattern is made for the Whirl version with a 3,0mm hook and the Stonewashed version is made with a 4,0mm hook.

The finished size of the Whirl version is : 70 cm x 70 cm / 27,5 inches x 27,5 inches

The finished size of the Stonewashed version is : 90 cm x 90 cm / 35,5 inches x 35,5 inches

Stitches used in the pattern are regular stitches. The special stitches in this pattern are a popcorn, puffstitch and front and back post stitches crocheted together.

The pattern is a written one which is guided step by step by photos. There is no chart in the pattern.

The pattern is written in six phases in which you all have a small introduction story to the next phase. You crochet along from planting a seed to growing beautiful flowers.

The pattern is a PDF file and the original pattern is written in English. A Dutch translation is available.

The pattern hold a lot of notes to make it more easier to make. It is tested before publishing it.


And where is this pattern to be found ? Of course in my Ravelry store or my Etsy shop. Here you can buy the pattern and download it as a PDF file.

I would love if you tag or make a reference to me as a designer when showing your wip’s or finished projects. Please use the #newlifecrochetpattern on social media to share this pattern all in one simple search.

Last but not least, thank you so much for making or buying this pattern. A lot of effort, time and creativity are in this little piece of art and every single thing that comes out of it makes it all the work so worth it.


Well there isn’t much to say anymore about this pattern. You better can look at it as many times as you like. And for that I shall show some nice progress to finishing pics of the Stonewashed version i made. Love how this project grows part by part.




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  1. Loving your patterns❤️Working on three of them, I’m not a one project kind of a girl🙈🤣just have one question about this one, the middle leaves are very ‘wonky’ they don’t lay flat, will this be alright after blocking or should I start over? Hope my english writing is oké, I’m Dutch 😊


    1. Misschien is een nederlands antwoord dan ook wel zo fijn !😉 new life is een patroon wat heel erg in elkaar kan krimpen en hier kunnen zeker wat dingen in bobbelen. Hij moet ook heel strak opgespannen worden als ie klaar is. Dus het is normaal om wat oneffenheid te hebben, als het heel extreem is natuurlijk niet, dan zou ik gewoon een haaknaald groter adviseren op hetzelfde garen.


      1. 😊🙈is idd makkelijker! Bedankt voor je reactie, ik ben opnieuw begonnen met ander garen, ik zag dat ik wat foutjes had gemaakt, en het is al veel minder!


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