Oceanborn Shawl pattern out now…

When visiting the shop of Stephen and Penelope in Amsterdam last year, I returned with some deliciously looking sock yarns. Although I can perfectly knit, I still prefer crocheting, and it came to my attention that most artistic patterns are made with knitting for sock yarns. So, I challenged myself to create something unique with the purchased yarns I took home from the store. As I had a combination of ocean-colored skeins, the theme was set. The result is a textured yet lace-looking shawl with a crochet pattern. Born out of the inspiration from the ocean.

As the pattern is inspired by the oceans, you will find a lot of wave structures in it, with white seafoam toppings and calmer waves reaching the beaches. All the colors of the ocean are represented with the combination of hand-dyed yarns from La Bien Aimee and West Wool Bicycle. The shawl has a really drapey effect, even though it looks tense.

Time for more general information about the pattern:

Yarn Requirements: This shawl is made with hand-dyed premium sock yarns. I have used two brands together; for the white color (Color A), I used Westwool Bicycle in the colorway Birch Tree. This yarn is available in hanks of 100 grams with a length of 350 meters. The yarn comprises 10% texel wool and 90% Falkland Merino wool. I used 65 grams (260 meters).

For the other colors, I used the brand La Bien Aimee Merino Supersock. This yarn comes in hanks of 100 grams with a length of 425 meters. This yarn consists of 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon. Of all colors, I used one hank of 100 grams. I used the following colorways:

Color B: Jasper (55 grams/ 240 meters needed)
Color C: Tidal Sands (60 grams/ 250 meters needed)
Color D: Avalon (55 grams/ 240 meters needed)
Color E: Moorlands (60 grams/ 250 meters needed)

If you dislike using sock yarn, you could also take a gradient type of yarn for this pattern, like a Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette. For example, as color A, take one Whirlette in a contrast color; for all other colors, take one Scheepjes Whirl of choice.

A crochet hook size of 3.5mm is needed for any version made.

Size: The longest side of the shawl will have a length of approx—170 cm. The two smaller sides will have a length of approx—125 cm. The height of the shawl will be 90 cm.

Stitch work in the pattern isn’t that hard and is all common stitches.

The pattern holds clear, written instructions and charts to guide you part by part. There are no videos available.

The pattern is available in English (US) and Dutch. After purchase, you can download your PDF file in the languages available.

In the meantime, you may have noticed I also print small booklets out of new patterns coming up, and the same goes for this pattern. So, if you prefer a printed, paper version of the pattern there is also the possibility of a digital pattern. You can find them in my Etsy shop here.

The digital pattern can be purchased at my usual sales points: Ravelry and Etsy.

This is pattern number 99 to be released. The next one will be the hundred pattern, and it will be a very special one – forming a crown to my work so far. Excited? Stay tuned, as I will share details very soon.


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