History of the Leaves wrap pattern out now (free pattern)…

And here it is! Another free pattern which I do hope will be made many times due to the beauty it provides. The name of the pattern is the History of the Leaves, based on one of the products of nature; leaves. They come in many shapes, and colors, and are used for many purposes. What to think of some leaves being crushed and used for medical purposes. Or the mint leaves which are used in gum flavoring or a nice cup of tea. And speaking of tea, the whole product of tea – which is one of the largest products we humans have started consuming is a leaf. Perfect time to make an ode to this beautiful element of nature, and here is the History of the Leaves wrap!

The pattern itself holds a semi-lace look and holds some filet crochet. The stitch use in this pattern is very easy, making it a perfect pattern for a beginner as well. I made this example in a heavier-weighted type of yarn called Scheepjes Whirligig. It delivers a large wrap to get yourself into when the weather is cold and chilly. However, if you would use a fingering weight of yarn like a Scheepjes Whirl, it would also deliver a great result, but with a slightly smaller outcome and perfect for those lovely Spring days to come. As the size of the pattern is large, you still hold a good size when using fingering weight. I suggest taking a 3.0mm hook size for a fingering weight.

Time to give you some general information about the pattern:

Yarn Requirements: 1 Scheepjes Whirligig 207 Green to Blue. Scheepjes Whirligig comes in cakes of 450 grams with a length of 1000 meters. The yarn consists of 20% Alpaca and 80% Virgin Wool. – however, the pattern is also perfect for a Scheepjes Whirl. The outcome will be a bit smaller, but as the Whirligig version is large, it would be no problem.

Crochet hook needed: You will use a 4.0mm hook in this pattern.

Size: The scarf will be approximately 195cm long. The width of the scarf will be about 40cm.

Stitch use in this pattern is pretty basic and, therefore, perfect for beginners as well.

  • the pattern is free for download in English (US terms) and Dutch on Ravelry as well. You’ll get a PDF file after downloading it.
  • the pattern includes written instructions and a chart for the pattern.

And now it is time to give you what you are waiting for, the pattern. Download your copy for free under here – or as told on Ravelry – where you could add it to your library as well.

Enjoy the pattern, I do hope we will see a lot of History of the Leaves wraps/scarfs popping up on social media soon enough. And maybe this pattern is right on time to use that ball of yarn you had to lie around for decades, or maybe to use up all kinds of scraps to create a gradient type of yarn. Show me and make sure to tag me or use the #historyoftheleaveswrap.


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