Crocheted Biscornu’s – the Gem collection out now !…


Finally i can announce some new patterns. These were lying for a long time on my designing table as i already finished them last summer, but never had the time to work out the patterns for them. And now i finally did….and i can announce the release of the Crocheted Biscornu’s – Gem collection. A collection of five new patterns to make with each pattern a different Biscornu in the colors which are inspired on gemstones. I’m gonna introduce them all five to you, but first let me tell you what a Biscornu is, if you didn’t know already.

When you know your way a bit around embroidery or sewing, you might know what a Biscornu might be. But to simplify it a bit more, it is not more or less then a cute pin cushion. Most of the time these cushions have a vintage look and are more common used as a decorative item, rather than practical putting needles in it. It can hold different motifs, figures, tassels and buttons. The only thing which is important with a Biscornu is the way it is put together. A Biscornu is different from a simple pin cushion by the octagonal shape it holds. That’s why it is called “Biscornu” as it is the French word for skewed,quirky or irregular. They are so much fun to make and I always find it a waste to use them. So most of them end up as a decorative piece on my shelves or desk. I found out not many Biscornu’s are crocheted ( which is logical as they normally are sewed ), so i found my way around it and came up with this first collection which are inspired on some gemstones.


So the first one is the Rose Quartz Biscornu. A pretty pink one which holds the soft and elegant pinks of the gemstone itself. This pattern has a complex way of mosaic work which holds a lot of tiny squares and rectangles in it.


The second is the Brown Agate Biscornu. As a Biscornu may look a bit vintage to me i thought this colorway would do some justice to the pattern….and guess what….it did ! I love the way how this brown one turned out and it reflects the colors of a Brown Agate perfectly.


The third one is the Deep Amethyst. Maybe this is my favourite of all five. I think the deep and dark colors is why as i really love that. Inspired on one of the more common gemstones this Biscornu really shines and the pattern in it gives it a real 3d-look !


The fourth one is the Orange Calcite Biscornu. Actually it was the first of the five which came out of my ideas when it was really hot outside and a lovely summer day. That is why i picked these orange colours in first place and the gemstone theme came later. But it matches an Orange Calcite perfectly. This one holds my favourite design of the five as it makes me think of small hearts in the middle.


The fifth one is the Fluorite Biscornu. A not really common gemstone but for me personally one of the best. I have a big one which you can see on the photo above lying in my living room and each moment of the day the stone gives another color. As it really depends which and how many light falls on it, you will see different colors. Most of them are greens and blue’s and that’s why i made this combination in this Biscornu.

Now you have seen all five Biscornu’s of the Gemstone collection. Time for some practical things.

Some information about the pattern :

The patterns are a PDF file to download after purchase, in English with US terms. The actual patterns to crochet the squares are written, but there is also a chart included. The progress of joining and finishing the Biscornu is explained in a photo tutorial which gives a good view on how to do this.

The finished size of a Biscornu will be 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm / 2,9 inches x 2,9 inches crocheted on a hooksize 1,75mm and the suggested Scheepjes Maxi Sweet treat yarns or any other thread yarn.

The yarn you need for this pattern is not much, so some strands or leftovers could be perfect. The pattern is made out of one basic color which you need 5 grams of in total, and 4 other side colors which you need 1 – 3 grams of in total for each colorshade.

The stitches used in the pattern are all basic stitches, you only need to know how to crochet in back- and frontloops.

You will need some fiber filling and 2 buttons to complete the pattern.

You can purchase a Biscornu pattern through my Ravelry store or my Etsy shop. You can buy each Biscornu pattern individually as you may like one more than another.

I hope you will enjoy these new patterns and please share all progress or finished projects on social media using #crochetedbiscornu , #crochetedbiscornugemscollection or #crochetedbiscornu ***version you made*** , in this way we can all benefit from seeing more examples and experience all under some simple search keywords.





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