the Mexican Tiles pattern is out now…

It has been a long time for me to announce and publish a new pattern. But to start with I felt it might be a good thing to start with another mosaic tile pattern. The fourth tiles pattern actually as we had the Medina Mosaic Tiles, the Tibet Tiles and the Northern Tiles before this. As we just have the Dia de los Muertos Crochet-a-long behind us which has everything to do with Mexican heritage and culture…I thought to extend this feeling a little longer with this new pattern which highlights some of Mexico’s most iconic places or subjects. The tile itself is designed with in the middle an extending square which might look like a Maya temple from above with its layers. The maze lines around them can also be found in old and historical images and items out of the Aztek. In this way I also preserved a little history in the pattern. The colors are based on different aspects of Mexico. In the middle you will find the brown center which stands for Sierra Madre which spreads itself in the four ways of the country.

Let’s start with introducing the different types of colors of this pattern. All colorways are made up out of the same design – but each color has a different meaning and together they combine the blanket as Mexico is combined by these typical, iconic themes.

Brown is Sierra Madre, the mountain system that spreads over the four wind corners of Mexico and is the central and natural connection point of the country. Yellow is Maya Gold which stands for the ancient Maya culture of Mexico. Green is Selva Lacan Dona which is one of the greatest rainforest area’s in Mexico. Purple is Frida’s tile which is inspired on one of the most famous and well-known artist Mexico had – Frida Kahlo. Orange is Guanajuato which is one of the most beautiful cities on earth as there is so much color in it. Each house is painted in a splendid and bright color which gives an amazing view. And Blue is the Morpho tile. Inspired by the Morpho butterfly which can only be found in the rainforests of Mexico.

Before we go to the details of the pattern I want to say something personal. Sometimes I feel I have to do something back with my talent to make the world a better place. For this reason, I sometimes try to pick a purpose which benefits our planet – and in this case especially South America/Mexico. I can’t make promises as it is always uncertain if a pattern is popular, but if the sales for this pattern allow it with all the taxes and investment taken off, I will make a donation from all of your purchases to make this world a better place for the future. I won’t tell more yet, but I do hope to tell more soon.

* The pattern is already purchased so much that in the meantime we reached my personal goal and I made a donation of £500,00 GBP (around 650-700 dollars/euros) to the World Land Trust to preserve our planets nature and with it so much more. Especially in South America and Mexico this trust is doing so much right now and that’s why it is chosen. Read all about it in the post about it and let’s hope the pattern sales will keep up so we can make another donation once more !*

And now it is time for some general information about the pattern :

  • the pattern is made with mosaic crochet – using front and back loops.
  • the pattern is build up out of squares which are crocheting in Rounds. There are six different colorways of squares all in the same design. Each color has a different meaning regarding a certain iconic Mexican thing.
  • the pattern is crocheted with a 3mm crochet hook.
  • the pattern is made with Scheepjes Catona. This is chosen due the fact the pattern needs a lot of colors in small batches. As Catona has balls of yarn in 10,25 and 50 grams it is perfect to use for these kind of projects. If you like to know what is used for this pattern, here is a list of colors and amounts needed for the pattern :

110 Jet Black 475 grams
179 Topaz 10 grams
503 Hazelnut 25 grams
157 Root beer 35 grams
522 Primrose 8 grams
208 Yellow Gold 20 grams
249 Saffron 28 grams
385 Chrystalline 8 grams
397 Cyan 20 grams
510 Skye Blue 28 grams
409 Soft Rose 8 grams
251 Garden Rose 20 grams
128 Tyrian Purple 28 grams
392 Lime Juice 8 grams
245 Green Yellow 20 grams
512 Lime Juice 28 grams
411 Sweet Orange 8 grams
281 Tangerine 20 grams
189 Royal Orange 28 grams
105 Bridal White 15 grams

For our Dutch purchasers or those who live elsewhere and want to take on some shipping costs – Caro’s Atelier and Pera & Pasha both offer color packs for this pattern. In this package you will find all the yarn you need to make this pattern. Both stores are situated in the Netherlands and so it might cost some shipping to other countries. Visit Caro’s Atelier here and Pera & Pasha here. As this release of the pattern is Sunday (which is the weekend) – the kits will be available from the next day in these stores.

  • Size of the finished project will be approx. 95 cm x 95 cm /40 inches x 40 inches. of course, the pattern can be extended as you like, the amounts of yarn needed for one tile are also stated so it is easy to count and extend the pattern as you please.
  • Stitch use in the pattern is easy. We work with SC/HDC/DC and use front loops and back loops.
  • The pattern contains a written version, a photo guided tutorial and a chart to make the tiles. The border is written in a way it is to use for any size blanket made out of this pattern.
  • there is NO video available for this pattern.
  • The pattern is available in English, Dutch, German and Portuguese for now. More languages will be added later. A big thanks for translation jobs by Tineke Tap for the Dutch version, Christina Berberich for the German version and Izilda Garcez Capovilla.

And the most important thing, where to get the pattern ! As usual the patterns I publish can be purchased on Ravelry here…or on Etsy here. If you purchase through Etsy please make sure you purchase the right language. Each language is listed individually on Etsy and is named in the title and description of the pattern.

Last thing to say, please respect the copyright on my patterns. Many hours of hard work and designing has gone into this pattern. Please don’t share patterns, upload charts to websites like Pinterest or copy designs. For any commercial activities involving this pattern, please contact me for permission.


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