The Medina Mosaic Tiles pattern is out now !…


It is here ! My Medina Mosaic Tiles pattern is finished and published while i write this post down. It was a long and hard way of crocheting all these tiles on my own but in 3 weeks i managed it to do it between my normal day job and lots of other matters as also publishing the Lotus & Blossom mandala pattern.

It started a few weeks ago by designing the basic tile for this pattern. As it is just one design but made in 5 different colour versions it had to be a good one. I looked at several islamic and mosaic designs which you’ll find around the Mid-East and with that inspiration i created the design. After crocheting it over for about 8 times the final thing was there. Then there were the colours. With the theme i choose i had a large arrangement of colours to use as there are a lot of bright and vivid colours in these designs.


I made up 21  colours in five different tiles. On each tile i had a different theme that suited the main theme and so the tiles all were made and had their own names : Medina, Casbah, Souk, Tunis and Majorelle. You can read all the background stories on them in the individual posts about them. The end results were :



And now some information about the pattern. As this is where this post is all about.

The pattern comes in a written version with photo-instructions along the way. But there is also a printfriendly version without any photos. As this pattern is really easy to make and have a beginners experience level i think you will use the printfriendly version as well because it is more practical. ( the printfriendly version is only available on Ravelry )

The pattern is tested carefully before publishing it.

The pattern is published in English, but also available in a German version right now. The German version is translated by Christina Berberich. Also the Dutch version is online now and translated by Ilse from rocknwol and the French version is online which Anna Lainé has translated for me. And it is going really great as the Swedish version is also online right now. It is translated by Johanna Lindahl from Mijo Crochet.  A few weeks later now the Polish version translated by Anna from @nitkomanka is also online. And from 12 July 2018 we also have an Czech version translated by Helen KA. From 23 July 2018 we also have an Indonesian version online. This one is provided by Tayu Purnamasari. On 25 July 2018 we also welcomed the Turkish version of the pattern translated by Idil Caliskan. On 30 October 2018 the Spanish translation of this pattern is added, it is translated by Julia Veloso. On 4 November 2018 the Finish translation of this pattern is added, it is translated by Riikka Panu. On 30 November 2018 the Italian translation of the pattern is added. This one is translated by Elena Artec.

All information about colours is in the pattern. The tiles are build up with 22 colors of Scheepjes Catona yarn. This is a lot, but as you will use some colours just for a few rows it is great you can buy also smaller amounts of this yarn to save money. But….as i wrote down every detail about using colours, you can make this pattern with any kind of yarn and as much colours as you like. Even if you use two colours it works out great. Or maybe use scrap yarns ?
In the pattern i didn’t make an end total up for all the yarn i used but instead of that i just wrote down how much you need to make a tile per colour. As you maybe want to rearrange the coloured tiles in a different way the mine, you can just calculate how much you need. So its flexible in every way !

UPDATE 10/03 : I’ve wrote a seperate blogpost  about the total amounts of yarn needed to make th original version of the pattern. There were a lot of questions about it.



The finished size of a tile will be : 13 x 13 cm / 5,1 inches x 5,1 inches
The finished size of the entire project with border will be : 90 x 90 cm / 35,4 inches x 35,4 inches

The pattern contains really easy stitch content, mostly of them are sc’s and dc’s, and some back loop and front loop crocheting.


The pattern is build up in different parts. Of course there is all the practical information, as the pattern to the medina mosaic tile. It is just one single square made in 5 different colour combinations. Then there is a description on how to join the tiles and of course the border part.

I added some lovely tassels to my project but this is of course optional. I bought them in a Dutch online store called : Sayila


And then of course the most important thing. Where to get the pattern ? You can buy it on Ravelry or Etsy in my stores :

Buy on Ravelry : Medina Mosaic tiles pattern

Buy on Etsy : Medina Mosaic tiles pattern

****10/06 : a small errata is discovered. In round 14 the pattern says you must have a total of 12 sc’s on both sides, this must be 13. ****

Well i think everything is almost said about it. The last thing i want to say is when u buy and use this pattern, i would love it if you used the #medinamosaictiles on your social media when posting things about it. Or you can refer and tag to me as the designer. In that way we keep everything related to this pattern and it is very easy to get all the examples made together when searching for it. When your on Ravelry, please add any tile or progress on the pattern page.

Then the last and most irritating thing to say :

Please take note that this pattern may not be sold, copied or shared with any other besides the one who bought it. All copyright belong to theguywiththehook and terms of use are active in a legal way. If you take advantage or abuse these rules, i will not hesitate to make a reaction to it.

You are allowed to sell any finished item with this pattern as long as you refer to me as a designer or the name of the pattern.



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  1. Your pattern is very beautifull don’t lett others go using it without your permission. Maybe you know somebody to help you with the translation. Good luck.


    1. This question has been asked many times and the answer stays the same. No, mainly because i dont have the right equipment to make good quality videos, second because i am a lefthanded crocheter which is pretty hard as most of you are right handed. And last reason is because they are paid patterns and videos make them pretty easy to copy. If you want to know how mosaic crochet works i would suggest taking a look on youtube at my dear crochet friend Tinna her videos. She makes excellent tutorials on this technique and it is the exact same as used in my patterns. Hope this answers your question😉


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